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Powerful and Dangerous Part 2 (Warning: Language)

Powerful and Dangerous Part 2 (Warning: Language)

Posted August 10th, 2017 by Codename-X12

by PenSword
in fighting Black Scythe agents




Part 2


          Sanne thought for several minutes after the flame died. She ran the feather across her upper lip pensively. Her dark eyes rested calmly on Eliza, on her shoulder for a moment, then her chin, then her feet, taking in all the details of the girl before coming to a decision. 
          With a little breath of effort, she hefted herself off the side of the chair and pattered over to sit on the floor next to Eliza. "Tell me what you see," she said, and without asking permission, placed her hand on Eliza's knee. In an instant both girls were shrouded in thick, pitch black shadows. The kind you fall into when you're asleep, the kind you're mind lights up with dreams for fear of being lost forever. Sanne's question was a ridiculous one, because it was impossible to see anything now.

          Eliza blinked, startled. For a horrible moment she was tempted to light up her hand again so she could see. She pushed the thought out of her mind. "Nothing," she said, slowly. She was confused at why Sanne had done this. Then gradually images began to go through her mind. Her parents, her old friends from before her world was changed forever, the city burning and burning and burning without anyone to stop it this time. Her past come back to haunt her. She tried to shake off the memories and think of something happy. The best she could do was bittersweet thoughts of better times and always in the back of her mind the fire burning, burning, burning.

          "What are you doing?" she asked, trying to be calm and hide the hysteria she felt creeping up on her. She didn't like this. It frightened her almost as much as her own powers.

          Sanne snatched her hand away, the darkness receded, but didn't dissipate immediately. 
          "Fucking hell," she swore, scooting back unceremoniously until she collided with the legs of a chair. "Fuck," she hissed again. She licked her lips, trying to get her startled expression under control. 
          "I did not mean to do that. I don't know what that was, but I didn't mean to do it." She said, somewhat breathlessly. She cleared her throat and pressed an open palm to her chest. "I was just-- I was going to get you to light up your hand again. I like fire, it gives light, makes it easier for me to sleep," she cut herself off, running a hand down her face. She stilled with her fingers pressed over her lips, staring at the floor. She had to press hard to keep her hand from shaking, her lips turned white with lack of blood. 
          She couldn't explain, exactly, what had happened when she'd called the shadows to encompass them, only that there had been a few moments of calm-- and then a train to the chest. Fear? Pain? Guilt? None of the above, or all three? She didn't know, she couldn't tell. 
          "Sorry," she mumbled at last, shifting her fingers apart just enough to let the words past. Eliza, she decided, should not be in the shadows.

          Eliza pushed down her own emotions like she did so often, instead choosing to focus or Sanne. "Are you okay?" she asked. "What was that?" Eliza looked up and down Sanne, searching for any sign of injury, but other than her white lips nothing was amiss. Sanne looked frightened, or like she was in pain. "If it's fire you want..." Eliza began, trailing off. She hated fire and even lighting up her hand earlier was not as easy as it should have been, emotionally, that is. But if Sanne needed fire, Eliza would provide it. If fire was required for anyone, she would light her hand in an instant and ignore the pain it caused her. She could put her self-loathing aside for a moment in favor of helping someone.

          "No no, no," Sanne rushed, waving her hand dismissively, "the point was to show you that fire wasn't all destructive. Because it lights up the darkness, you know, and all that jazz." She ran her fingers through her messy hair. She breathed through her nose, willing herself to shed her fright and whatever extras she had picked up from Eliza. She was too damn tired for this. She should've stayed in her dorm. 
          But, she realized, at the same time, she wasn't entirely disappointed with the night. "Is that what you're nightmare was like?" She asked, meaning the...whatever had happened in the shadows.

          "Yes," Eliza sighed. Remembering that Sanne was a empath (at least, Eliza thought Sanne was an empath) she knew that Sanne had seen all of the unpleasant thoughts. "It was about the first time I realized I had powers..." She didn't elaborate. "Leave it to me to mess up something so simple as what you had planned." Eliza tried to laugh, but it was mirthless. Realizing her hair was once again falling into her eyes, she tucked it behind her ears. Eliza switched postions again on the chair, bringing her knees to her chest and hugging her legs.


Eun hummed to himself, skipping around while levitating a silver star charm and spinning it around above his finger. There is no sleep!! What is sleep haha!!!

          It was still dark enough that Sanne got waves from Eliza that made her chest go tight. She should have known better than to drag Eliza into the shadows with her. Marvin had always said she was too impulsive for her own good, and he was right. She reached up to twist a strand of her hair, now her chest was tight for a different reason. 
          "Don't worry about it, it was my fault for not warning you." She tilted her head, as if debating something. "I, um...I was four when my sister and I realized we had powers. How old were you?" She couldn't imagine being four and going through that. Fear wasn't something a toddler should know.

          "I was eight," replied Eliza. "You were only four?" She tried not to think about what it would've been like to discover her own power at the age of four. She tried not to visibly show how scared the thought made her feel.
          Then Eliza stopped for moment. "Do you hear that?" she asked. "It sounds like footsteps."

          Sanne tilted her head, listening. Faint humming reached her ears, along with the footsteps Eliza had mentioned. "Yeah," She nodded.    
          She had thought they were the only ones awake, this was eerie. She shifted closer to Eliza, in part because of the starburst of fear that had come off the girl earlier, in part because she thought the footsteps were coming from the side of the sitting area that her back was turned to, and she wanted to see who was coming. 

          Eun turned a corner and blinked. There were two girls there, not ones Eun knew, but ones he could vaguely remember seeing around. Sorta. Meh, who cared. "Hello!! People usually aren't out and about at this time!!" He gave a million-watt grin.

          "Hi," said Eliza, startled again. She was jumpy tonight. She gave the boy a weak smile. "Who are you?" She vaguely recognized him but didn't know his name or anything.

          Sanne gave a short wave, also startled, but more by the fact that the boy's smile seemed to literally give off light. If she didn't know better, she would have thought he had LED's behind his teeth.

          "I'm Eun, I'm argentokinetic!!" He said proudly. Even without the floating silver charm at the tip of his finger, it would have been obvious that he was indeed argentokinetic. He accessorized exclusively and excessively in silver. "How about you guys??"

          The boy's cheerfulness had an affect on Eliza, washing away a bit of the pain she carried with her and making her smile in return. "I'm Eliza. Nice to meet you," she said with more energy than her first statement.


          Felix woke to the faint echoes of thoughts in his mind. He groaned and rolled over. Why would there be so many people awake at this hour? Maybe something was wrong? No, that wasn't likely. It was probably nothing, he should just go back to sleep.
But as he closed his eyes he felt a clenching worry in his gut. What if there really was something wrong? What if someone was in trouble and they got hurt because Felix was too lazy to get out of bed?
          He sat up, grimacing. He had to go check. It may take awhile to find whoever's thoughts were causing such a ruckus, but he had to make sure they're okay and there unfortunately was no other way to do that.
          He got up and slipped on his totoro slippers before sneaking out of the room. He crept down the hallway, using his telepathy to trace the source of the thoughts. That was when it hit him. He's a telepath, he could of just read their thoughts to see if they were in trouble. He groaned. How could he be so stupid? Well, he had already been walking for a few minutes so there was no point in turning back now. He continued down the hallway, mentally berating himself.
          In his tired state, Felix forgot to close his mind, and his thoughts echoed through the minds of any who was nearby. 
          'I can't believe I forgot I can read minds, that was so stupid of me! Sheesh, Azy will never let me hear the end of this.' He thought, not thinking even for a moment that he didn't actually need to tell Azalea, or even considering that others might be able to hear him. 'Hmm I wonder where these guys are? Who knows, but their presence is getting louder so I must be close! Yay! No more walking. Although it is kinda fun, like a little mini adventure.'
          He neared the room that the others were in and his thoughts became even more prominent to those inside. 'Hee hee, I love these slippers! They're so cute! And I love the movie, I should make Azalea watch it with me again! Or Kiki's Delivery Service, that ones great too! Oh man there are so many good movies, how will I choose??'
          Lost in thoughts of Disney princess and talking cats, Felix entered the room. His blond hair was ruffled from sleep and he was dressed in pajamas with patterns of the little blue and white creatures (the little mini totoros) (if no one has seen that movie sorry). He looked up and his eyes widened, a big grin appearing on his face.
          'I found you!' He exclaimed telepathically before realizing he hadn't said it out loud. He giggles nervously. "Oops. I meant to say that, not think that. Anyways, I finally found you!" He said aloud, still oblivious to the fact that he had been speaking into their minds for at least 5-10 minutes.

          "Hi!" Eliza said. Another person? I hope I didn't wake him up too, she thought. "Um, have you been thinking at us for like the past five minutes?"

          Felix froze, a light blush dusting his cheeks. "I-I have? I'm sorry!" 
          'Oh man I must seem like such a dork ack. Wait I'm doing it again! Darn it!' He cut off the mental connection, blushing. 
          "Sorry, sometimes I forget to block my powers. Oh and um no, you didn't wake me up. I woke up on my own and heard a lot of thoughts so I came to make sure everything was alright."
          He glanced around at the three people in the room. "Er, sorry, am I interrupting something?"

          Eliza sighed. "No, not really," she replied, back to smiling again. She didn't feel like talking about it for the second time that night. "So what's your name? I'm Eliza, by the way."

          “My name is Felix, it's nice to meet you." He said, smiling at her. "So what're you all doing here?"

          Eun flashed a grin at the boy. "I was walking around and I found these two!! By the way, you have an AAMAZING movie taste based on your telepathic ramblings."

          "I had a nightmare of sorts, and woke up Sanne here," Eliza replied, gesturing to Sanne. She smiled. "I agree with Eun about the movies. Studio Ghibli movies are adorable!"

          "Oh uh thank you!" Felix grinned, pleased that they had common ground. Making new friends was always nice.
          "So um what's your name?" He asked, gesturing to Eun. He also spared a glance toward Eliza, looking concerned. "A nightmare? Are you okay? Do you want to talk about it?"

          "Yeah I'm fine," she hoped it wasn't too obvious that she was lying. She smiled as to show to it but the smile didn't quite reach her eyes. "And no, I don't want to talk about it, but thank you." I don't want to talk about it because I feel like a monster, she added in her head. Then, remembering that Felix must be a telepath, she felt her face go hot once again that night, blushing red.

          Felix furrowed his brow, looking concerned. He hesitantly reached out to her, blocking Eun from the thought exchange as well. 'I understand that you don't want to talk about it. For what it's worth, I don't think you seem like a monster. And I know that we just met, but if you ever need to talk to someone, I'm free and I promise I can keep a secret. He flashed her a genuine smile and quickly changed the topic so that Eliza wouldn't feel uncomfortable. 
          "So what's your favorite Ghibli movie?"

          Thank you so much but you don't know me. If you did then you wouldn't like me very much, Eliza replied, keeping a smile on her face. "That's a hard one," she said out loud. "I really like Kiki's Delivery Service but Spirited Away is probably my second. What about you guys?" she asked Eun and Felix.

          Felix frowned. I disagree. You seem very nice. Guess I'll just have to get to know you and prove that you're not a monster.
          Felix laughed. "Oh man, I couldn’t even choose three favorites, let alone one!"

          Good luck with that. Sanne's been on my mind, she knows, replied Eliza, genuinely hoping that he could prove the very thing she'd been struggling with for years to not be true. "Fair enough," she acknowledged. "They are all pretty good."

          He winked at her. I don't need luck. I have hope! Hahaha that sounded so cheesy! "Yeah, I love them!" He replied, stifling a yawn. "Oh man, I'm so tired. Think it may be about time for me to go. But we should meet up sometime, yeah?"

          "Yeah, of course," replied Eliza. Hey, thanks, she added mentally trying to let him know of her gratitude for trusting her before he left. She sighed. Eliza wished she could fall asleep right now but she was terrified of more nightmares haunting her. She yawned but ignored the feeling of tiredness. "Good night, Felix."

          "Goodnight, see you later." He gave her a smile and turned to leave. Of course. Anything you need, just ask.



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