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Random Burst of Writing #13-The Age of Light

Random Burst of Writing #13-The Age of Light

Posted September 14th, 2023 by Cheezmra

by Dragonwolf
in the universe, somewhere

It's dark. It has been dark for nearly forever. It always will be dark.


Yet we thrive.


I kneel in the erac patch, moving my hands among the plants that grow without the sun. I have whiskers on my face and hands that detect slight currants in the air. The currants tell me where everything is, what everything is. I can form a mental image in my mind’s eye.

Only in my mind’s eye.

There hasn’t been light on earth for several million years. We hear, we touch, and we smell, but we never see. Plants grow in the cool soil. Animals roam the earth. But in the dark. Always in the dark.

I pluck weeds, my long sensitive fingers feeling the soil. Dry. I stand up and run towards the well, leaping the short picket fence. I come back with a bucket of water. I pause, sniffing the air. A rank smell of raccoon. 

“Scat!” The raccoon chitters, but makes no move to leave. I grab a rock and throw it in the creature’s general direction. It runs away. 

I blink my eyes quickly, testing the air currents with my extra-sensitive lashes. The raccoon is gone.

I kneel again in the patch, filling a basket with the round erac fruit. 

“Miss Allure?”

I pause. Listening to the person's heavy breathing. A man, I decide. He stands on one foot, then the other. He breathes loudly in the silence. I stop breathing for a few seconds and hold my hand in the air. He’s bearded, short, and skinny. He fidgets with the hem of his shirt. 

“Ye-es,” I reply slowly, sizing the man up.

He seems uncomfortable. “Your name is Allure, right?” His voice is nervous and uncertain.

“Yes,” I reply again, rising slowly and cautiously. He takes a step backward.

“Mnemosyne wants you.” He shifts his weight from one foot to the other.

“Mnemosyne might be your chieftess, but I support myself.” My tone is cold, icy.

“I-” the man cut off. “Someones coming!”

“Hello, Diana.” I say. Her cheerful voice responds.

“Hey, Allure! Did you hear? Mnmosyne believes the sun will return!”

“No!” shouts the man. “As sure as my name’s Emmory, the sun will never return.”

“I feel a tiny breeze on the side of my face. I turn, and see a line of something i’d never seen before.


“The dawn.” Diana’s voice is awestruck.

“No!” Emmory’s voice is desperate

“The dawn.” I whisper. I turn, and see Dian’s face for the first time.

“Yes,” her voice is barely a breath. “And the dawn of a new age: The age of light.”


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