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Random Burst of Writing #14-untitled

Random Burst of Writing #14-untitled

Posted September 15th, 2023 by Cheezmra

by Dragonwolf
in the universe, somewhere

“It's Black Shuck, and you know it,” snarled Shuck. He sighed. How many times did he have to tell Reynard that it was Shuck? not Shuckie, and not Cornshuck.
But Reynard always called him Shuckie anyways.
“Aw Shucks!” declared Reynard, always one for jokes. Shuck sighed again. That old joke. It had never been funny in the first place, and over the years it had gotten less and less funny.
A white Kitsune appeared at the entrance to the Alleyway. Zahra, as always, was impeccably white as if she had not been walking in the dirty puddles all day. Her nine tails (she was a kitsune) were held proudly in the air, and her small paws daintily touched the ground as if she were too good for it.
“Reynard, dear.” her voice was sweet and bewitching.
If the enfield had a hat, he would have swept it off and bowed.
“Could you please get me a bit of cheese, Reynard, dear?”
Reynard regained his normal voice. “Send Shucker! He looks like a dog.” the enfield waved a paw at his wings. “How can I fool anyone into thinking i'm a real fox?”
Shuck’s perpetual snarl deepened, and his growling rose in volume. “You go yourself!” He snapped. “If you like her so much, send yourself! Cover your wings with something!”
Shuck stalked out of the alleyway, his long fur bristling.

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