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A Random Burst of Writing #5-Half-Feline part 2

A Random Burst of Writing #5-Half-Feline part 2

Posted March 9th, 2023 by Cheezmra

by Dragonwolf
in California

The alarm rang in my ear, I reached out and pressed the large snooze button. I rolled over and stared at the white ceiling. I was in a doomsday bunker but had my own room. It was as small and as bare a prison cell besides the alarm clock. There seemed to be no point in getting up but I knew the captain needed me. What was the point of the bunker? My captain had told me last night that I had to get supplies from a bunker farther away. Reluctantly I got out of bed and pulled on a slightly wrinkled camo suit. I walked to the bathroom to brush my long black hair. I caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror. I was a face I hated.

It was the face of a tiger.


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!! What a twist!! This is a

!! What a twist!!

This is a great li'l blurb, and the twist was great! I want more description, though. Of her. Of how the light (if any) interacts with the surroundings. How the surroundings smell. If she can hear anything.


Good yard,

(Warmest regards)


Posted by Tía Snow on Sat, 03/11/2023 - 20:56
well i could haver made it

well i could haver made it longer but i dident want to reveal the fact that shes the one from the first part.

otherwise i probably wou;ldve descibed the drooping ears and whiskers and the tail and fur and stuff


Dragon lover? (sorry its going a little slow) plz cc https://www.kidpub.com/book-page-or-chapter/land-dragons-introduction-33...


"Forgive me. I forgot you existed"~Clare

Posted by Dragonwolf on Sun, 03/12/2023 - 10:17

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