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A Random Burst of Writing #6-Wolvin thief

A Random Burst of Writing #6-Wolvin thief

Posted March 10th, 2023 by Cheezmra

by Dragonwolf
in California

I crouched in the bushes, knees on the bark, eyes on the crowded parking lot. I shoved my cold hands into my hoodie pockets. The bushes offered little cover. Anybody who tried to hide there would be seen in an instant, except for me. I could hide there so well that nobody would even think I was there. I was almost invisible.

Like a wolf.

Wolves are my favorite animal. I like to compare myself with them. Everything that I do, my sneaking, my stealing, even my past murders. But I prefer not to think about those. I had killed three people, despite being fourteen, I was handy with a knife, and the police were out to get me. Everyone in our group had killed at some time or another, but never talked about it and forgot about it. We lived carefree lives, stealing what we could get our hands on, and joking with each other.

Normally I would not steal in a crowded Costco parking lot, but Blake had dared me to do it and to go back on a dare was similar to breaking an oath in more civilized circles. 

 So here I was, taking risks and living life to its fullest.

Like a wolf.

I had considered choosing wolf for my name this month. Every month our little group, which only had five members including me, changed our names to make tracking harder. But I had used that name last month. I had next considered dingo, but Neil stole that one. I had next chosen fox, but Autumn had stolen that one, So here I was, named Falcon. I rolled up my hoodie sleeve and examined the crude bird drawing. Crystal, our artist had drawn that on me with a leaky pen. The ink had left almost my whole arm a smudged gray

Like a wolf

My eyes watched the target, a young man with a shopping cart that had only a few things, he was walking towards my hiding place. I made ready to attack him, using nothing but my bare fists. As he passed the bush, my right hand shot out and grabbed his shirt while my right fist socked him in the face. He would never know what hit him. I knew it was a shocking way to rob, but surprisingly effective.

Like a wolf.

I rifled through his pockets but found nothing. Disappointed, I checked the shopping cart. It held nothing but a gallon of milk, a six pack of soda, a rotisserie chicken, and a bag of turkey jerky.

Making a sort of bag with my hoodie, I put the soda, the chicken, and the jerky in it. I also took the watch in case the gang needed proof and ran from the parking lot. I made my way to the building where I lived with the gang and silently entered the small tent.

Like a wolf.

“Hey, Falcon,” shouted Blake, otherwise known as Peccary, “d’you do it?”

I tossed him a soda. “Yeah.”

“Did he have any cash?”


“Why not?”

“Shut up and drink your soda or I'll use your nose to open my can!”

Peccary grinned and opened his can, sending a spray of foam around the tent and a cascade of pepsi over his hand. He slumped up the foam and wiped his hand on his jeans.

Wolverine AKA Crystal, walked into the tent bearing a camp chair. She turned to me.

“D’you really steal in a Costco parking lot?” asked the african-american girl.

“Sure I did. You don’t believe me?”

“Yeah, I believe you.”

I tossed her a can of soda. “Where's Fox and Dingo?”

“Don’t know.”

I emptied my hoodie and pulled it back on. Taking my can of soda, I walked outside the tent and along the sidewalk in the setting sun. I saw the short buildings and breathed in the air that smelled of cigarette smoke.This was the life. I felt like I could run for miles. I felt strong. I felt good.

Like a wolf. 

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