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Reboot of old vampire story (unnamed) Chapter 1

Reboot of old vampire story (unnamed) Chapter 1

Posted May 25th, 2021 by Wolfpup_Angel

by BlueLemons
in Florida

    What if the lies you've been told were true? And the truths you've been told, all lies? 

 The thought process was suddenly interrupted by the sound of soft crunching snow, which had startled the silenced evening and any animal near that could listen to any predator nearby. Stop. Take a step maybe a couple more then stop again. One, two, three, then stop. One, two, three then stop. Wait a second then don't breathe. Suck in that breath with any glimpse of movement that is seen or heard then stop. Catch your breath, wait a longer and then... and then nothing. Repeat.

 Footprints leaving a trail behind but suddenly covered up by the cold, violent snow. 

 ' It's been to long to even give a thought of what happened but I seem to have averted your attention to my enstranged start,' said the unknown figure but yet familiar at the same time. Even in my thoughts you know and hear me, but quite most indefinetly do not know me.

  This tale, is quite the old bummer may I tell you, a tale grandchildren upon generations and generations of even more blessed children have heard. It's a seemilngly familiar tale that many children are told at such young ages but yet so many don't lend an earful to their parents and get caught up with the wrong direction of the wind. See there was was a bright young girl, with bright young cheeks, and a bright red coat. The coat was a gift from her grandmother who only ever wished to keep her granddaughter safe and warm with proper sufficient amounts of love.

'Don't venture to far off into the woods,' the young girl was told.

Now every child at some point in there lifetime has been told not to venture to far off somewhere, but what happens to the children who did? Now remeber from the beginning where two intriguing questions where asked? This is where the truths to lies come in. Yes, be it true that you shouln't venture far off somewhere, but with much obligied reasoning, I say go on. For sometimes it's a lie and what really lies there are vast lands upon vast lands of magical beings.

Back to the story of the girl. One day, the bright child was sent of into the woods where she was tasked to bring hot soup to her sickly grandmother. And off into the woods she went, witnessing unexplained movements but magical sights of wondorous things. Then a special unexplained movement approached her.

'Halt! You are tresppassing property you are unauthorized to travel into!.' said the unfamiliar man.

' But sir!,' cried the girl, ' I have been tasked with urgent matters at my hands and must pass through urgently!'

'I'm afraid I musn't allow you to enter as this is the protected land among mystical beings. Only under circumstances you are allowed to-   

As the man stopped mid sentence, the girl went trudging along ahead, tresspassing into the lands she was forbidden to cross into.


-End of Chapter 1-   


Small note: Thanks for reading! This isn't the story I was planning on but it's a story that I decided to rewrite after a classmate asked me to do chapter 2 of an old series I planned to discontinue. (-cough- I hope you're satisfied now) 

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Ooh, this is very

Ooh, this is very interesting! A different take on Little Red Riding Hood? 

If you'd be interested in constructive criticism I see some grammar issues and word choice problems. You must read a lot, though, because the atmosphere you're trying to create (high fantasy, a little creepy?) shines through.

I really hope you continue writing. This story seems worth continuing.


Good yard,

(Warmest regards)


Posted by Tía Snow on Mon, 06/07/2021 - 12:40

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