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Red Sunset-Prolouge

Red Sunset-Prolouge

Posted March 5th, 2023 by Cheezmra

by Dragonwolf
in California

Cloud walked to the top of the rock and faced the griffins, white wings gently waving in the air. Her red-colored deputy, Blaze, sat on a smaller rock. The seventeen other griffins sat in a semicircle, eyes expectantly watching the white leader.  

Cloud cleared her throat. 

“Before we begin this meeting, I have something to say. Plume is going to have her cubs soon.” A muted cheer rose from the griffins but most were puzzled. Cloud almost never announced the birth of cubs.

“It is our job to protect these cubs. We need them. Which brings me to the main subject of this meeting. Dragons!” She spat the word as if it tasted vile on her tongue.

The griffins shifted uneasily.

“Now we have on-” she was cut off by a cry from the end of camp. 

“Something is coming!”

Cloud leaped off the rock and half-ran half-flew to the other end, followed by Blaze.

“It’s a griffin!” she shouted

And indeed it was flapping desperately and none-too-stragitly, as if it would fall asleep on its wings. It used its last strength to fly to the middle of the hard-packed meeting place. It landed and wheezed, almost falling flat on the grassy ground. Cloud ran over, almost frantically.

She grabbed him under his jaw and forced his eyes to look into hers.

“Dusk, what's happening? What did you see?”

The griffin gathered the last of his dignity, ruffled his dusty purple feathers, and raised his hoarse voice to a shout.

“The dragons are coming!”


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