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The Reluctant Soldier: VIII

The Reluctant Soldier: VIII

Posted January 7th, 2017 by Gracithe1andonly

by *Snow* Revival
in wardly searching



Pairs patrolling the perilous Coastal swamps,

Carrying our lives in packs on our bent backs.

He leans on the log impatiently, swift,

Sharp-eyed Megaron.



Rumble on, thunder! I taunt you; for in this stone shelter

Your strong arm cannot reach my comrade and me.

It may tempt fate to taunt a force of nature,

But fate is welcome!



The irony does not escape me, who dared

Tempt fate and taunt nature, that I am sitting

Drenched to the skin, washed by a violent river,

 Laughing in relief.



This book was muddied by my weary, large hands,

And now, too, it has suffered a slight ducking.

Praise be that this pack is made of rain-cloth, which

Discourages wet.



I will never willingly tempt fate again,

For I am slightly wiser now, less merry,

Less flippant; I know that fate and the gods will

Hold me to my word.



I know not what tomorrow holds, yet I feel

Ready for anything. Is this youth’s rashness,

The same folly that instigated this war,

Tore me from my home?



The only knowledge that I have of Wisdom

Is that she is the opposite of Folly,

Whom I know quite well, having seen her often.

Yet I seek Wisdom!



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