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The Reluctant Soldier: XIII

The Reluctant Soldier: XIII

Posted February 11th, 2017 by Gracithe1andonly

by *Snow* Virgil
in wardly searching



If I thought it would salve or solve anything,

I would raise my skilled, unpracticed voice and sing,

Songs of comfort and joy and hope and goodwill,

But it will not help.



I wonder still why all contingents have not

Been shipped to and deployed on Canalope,

Which is the apple of the King’s eye. I guess

Home still needs defense.



I have seen breathtaking things in this last year,

More than I care to recount; awesome wonders,

And awful; of this latter, horrible sort,

I have seen too much.



A reflection I am ill-acquainted with

Which has the pale skin and black hair of my kin,

And eyes full of glimmering thoughts and veiled rage

Stares starkly at me.



It is beyond my scope to say whether one,

Or any man at all, will survive this day.

Do not then look at me, Dokigon my friend,

As if I know all.



It is a quiet night for once in the camp,

And in the wooden pavilion we built

Each mulls over his own as mulled wine is sipped,

Warming our cold hearts.



A ludicrous battle is shown on the map;

The tiny islands, Canalope, and this,

This all-engulfing empire of Hympala

Challenge each other.



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