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The Reluctant Soldier: XXII

The Reluctant Soldier: XXII

Posted April 18th, 2017 by Gracithe1andonly

by *Snow* Virgil
in wardly searching



There is some harmless mischief in this, my friend,

An amount of hysteric hilarity

That keeps me alive, preserves my mind. Comrade,

Ask not for my tears.



I wonder, if I had been able to stay,

Would I have met a lady that could love me?

It is a strange thought, but not unnatural.

I have no sweetheart.



Twisting this way and that, upside and downside,

Trying to read a hidden message that, friend,

Might not be there. What makes this scene charming is

Your perplexed, fraught frown.



I dreamed last night of a child of the Shoals,

One of the Shole, from Canalope. He

Cried out words I could not understand, despite

Knowing his language.



Sweet, stolen moments alone with just these two,

My pen and my book, bound by my father’s hands,

His old hands that could not have held this large blade.

I don’t regret that.



I heartily recommend that you not laugh,

Especially at little Dokigon, for

He takes himself so seriously, it’s hard

To keep a straight face.



Oh, my father, for whom I did all these things,

Lying and leaving and taking up a sword

To battle for a cause I truly despise,

Please- live. Live and thrive.



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