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The Reluctant Soldier: XXVIII

The Reluctant Soldier: XXVIII

Posted May 28th, 2017 by Gracithe1andonly

by *Snow*
in wardly searching



The vague date is set now. As the mist departs,

As the mystery lifts, I am filled with fear.

The ships will depart. I will go with them. Then-

Only the gods know.



Do not forget to tie the tents tightly- we

Would not want an accident in the middle

Of a maelstrom, now would we? Should I, perhaps

Sabotage myself?



I feel as if Fate is boxing me; sometimes

Raining down blows so that I stumble, like now,

Or dancing around me, not landing a punch,

Setting me on edge.



This next blow of Fate is like so; Dorion,

Dorion the Deadly, who cares as fiercely

As he fights, is dead, gone; he was on a ship

That never reached land.



Since the Centurion has fallen, all talk

Is of who will replace him. It is either

Ambeil glory-lover or his friend Ionan.

Either would do well.



I have never laughed this hysterically.

Ambeil is Centurion. From his Captains,

He chose me to fill his empty Sergeant’s shoes.

Irony tastes bad.



Soon I will lead my half of Ambeil’s hundred

Across the ocean to the Islands. I know

Now what “soon” is; a week and a day stand here

Between me and doom.



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