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The Reluctant Soldier: XXXIV

The Reluctant Soldier: XXXIV

Posted July 9th, 2017 by Gracithe1andonly

by *Snow* Virgil
in wardly searching



Rain is silvery- sometimes metallic, like

Chains that wrap the Earth, holding her from the sky,

Sometimes more like sweet bursts of freedom, giving

Hope to the soaked ones.



Before me, mountainous islands take shape; oh!

I did not expect mountains! What did I, then,

Expect? Loptendu’s wrath, a hail of fire-

Anything but peace!



Dokigon the Valiant’s knuckles are white

As he clutches the side, looking out on doom-

Destruction we will shed, only to soon see

Our own darkest time.



If there is no hope left, what is this fire,

Burning through me, guiding my steps, speaking well,

Carrying on each clever lie I once spun?

This must be destined!



I dreamt that I stepped forward into a mass,

A writhing mass of foes, a lantern alone

Serving as my defense. I woke far too soon

To combat our doom.



I have a friend, I believe, in a comrade-

I have shown Megara trust and kindness, so

She will act likewise towards me, even if

It is undeserved.



The fleet sits in sight of Canalope, now,

We await a surrender, or a challenge,

And as the Shole debate their answer I

Wait with bated breath.



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