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The Reluctant Soldier: XXXIX

The Reluctant Soldier: XXXIX

Posted August 12th, 2017 by Gracithe1andonly

by *Snow* Revival
in wardly searching



The island buildings are long and low, mud-brick,

The houses in Riverside are long also,

But made of stone or else rice-bricks, different from

These, which are sun-made.



High on the wind the wings of birds are skimming

The rivers of whispered words whimsically

Spilled from the souls of soldiers- sore words, soaring

On new joyful waves.



Perhaps I was wrong about the clouds; before,

I said they might be big, fluffy, friendly beasts

But today they look more like a coverlet

For a cold Terra.



Land swerves beneath my feet as if quailing from

The soldiers that will undoubtedly stain her

With the blood of the people who dwell with her.

The ships have landed.



They are many and they frighten Amhrion-

My superior is worried he will not

Have an army by the end of this. They look




I write this exhausted-my hand trembles-now

We are alone, separated from all else,

Two-score men and ten stranded in hostile lands-

And I their leader.



Hope fills my breast-perhaps I can end this war

From my unique and dangerous position,

I may break entry into Loptendu’s shrine,

Ending all conflict.


a/n: i cannot believe it, next one is the last one


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