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The Reluctant Soldier: XXXVI

The Reluctant Soldier: XXXVI

Posted August 10th, 2017 by Gracithe1andonly

by *Snow* Revival
in wardly searching



Nothing is happening, so anxiety

Bends to the need of the moment. Silence, though-

She still reigns in my cabin, in my spirit,

Quiet shock and dread.



A long, strange conversation was held tonight,

Honesty and soft kindness and cutting words

Lying side-by-side on the deck beneath this,

The star-studded sky.



I have found little cause for joy in these times,

But this, surely, is one-Ignon, the brother

I never knew, is free where I am still bound;

That, at least, is good.



I have been angry at Ignon all this time

For vanishing. If he had stayed, then we both,

Our father and me, would have stayed home, and he

Would be in my place.



How are kings chosen? Oh, I know they are born,

Not made; yet how did it happen that he is

Wearing the crown instead of someone worthy,

Like our Amhrion?



The sun rises to the roaring of the waves,

Anchored ships stir restlessly, relentlessly;

Megara says that the mountains remind her

Of her own lost home.



I have found that at the heart of the soldier

Is his, or her, home. What is at the heart of

The Islands? Oh, I know, my mother told me-

Loptendu's Temple.


a/n: i'm baaaack


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