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The Reluctant Soldier: XXXVII

The Reluctant Soldier: XXXVII

Posted August 10th, 2017 by Gracithe1andonly

by *Snow*
in wardly searching



I despise you, stubborn Sholé, the people

Of my mother, for letting it go this far.

If you can destroy us, do so, then make peace

With our remainder.



Time drags on-I have written that phrase before,

But now, instead of limping, she strolls onward,

Stopping to smell the flowers, to greet her friends-




Four legs support a board to make a table,

Where anything from wrestling to a feast

Can come to pass. What supports a man so he

Can weather all storms?



Hard, salty crackers and aging water is

Hardly easy eating, but unless you wish

To starve, then dip one in the other and wish

Yourself the king's feast.



What would I be if I had let Father go?

Would I have died of grief and shame? Would I be

The lyrist I wish to be without lying,

Honest and kindly?



Auron is his name, the man I did this for;

My beloved father who taught me to hold

A hammer, but was glad to see me take up

Music beside it.



Perhaps nothing will happen, in the end-no!

Why do I delude myself? It will soon be

That I betray the person I could have been.

What will I do then?



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