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The Reluctant Soldier: XXXVIII

The Reluctant Soldier: XXXVIII

Posted August 10th, 2017 by Gracithe1andonly

by *Snow* Revival
in wardly searching



Ketika and Palitha, Keti and Pal,

Inseparable from their first meeting, yes,

The Chestnut hand-in-hand with my Chatterer,

Gorgeous gigglers.



Améti, kataka é canalopé?

Mother, wherefore are you from the great islands?

I can barely bear to write your name, melé,

Dearest Hineti.



Is it surprising that as the future stands

Balanced on the tip of a knife, I think back,

I remember my family and those dear?

I still love you all.



If time ran backwards, what would that be like? Would

We grow young instead of growing old, or else

Not remember the moment before-after

The moment we live?



The Capitol in Hympala shines, I know,

Though it is far from my sight. Good kings ruled there.

Should ancient honors be handed down to the

New undeserving?


I recommend you do what your pride forbids,

Give in to Justice and leave while you still can,

Give power peaceably into wiser hands,

And most will love you.



I felt I could almost reach out and touch it,

The sea-creature that trembled under my gaze,

As though seeing all the wrong I've done beside

The wrong I will do.


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