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Revenge & Greeting chapter nine

Revenge & Greeting chapter nine

Posted June 23rd, 2020 by Olivinat

by Ryoko
in the Middle of Nowhere (Wisconsin)

Chapter nine

       Austin walked through the woods then looked around. He was lost in the woods. Silently up above him, Thorn began to sharpen a spear-like-stick. He was careful to be quiet but worked quickly. Below Austin sat on a rock and rested. When Thorn finished he shifted to get to the best angle to surprise him. Then he dropped to the ground and held out his spear.

       “What is your business? Why are you here?”
       Austin jumped back, “What? Where is here?”

       “This is the Moon kingdom.”

       “But you’re a plant elf?”

       “Everyone else in my tribe is dead so now I live here. You didn’t answer my questions.”

       “I’m from a different dimension and I’m lost.”

       Thorn snorted, “Sure. You’re coming to see General Moonshine.”


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