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The Rise of Starbrine/Battlescar | Transformers Prime AU

The Rise of Starbrine/Battlescar | Transformers Prime AU

Posted August 5th, 2022 by Starsong

by Sophia
in Florida


As I was getting ready to eat, I heard crying. The sound came from deeper inside the cave, I got up and followed the sound, as I went deeper into the cave it got darker. After a little while, I had to pull out my flashlight. After a while of walking, The flashlight’s light showed on. “A giant robot!?” I exclaimed, The crying was even louder. I looked down near its legs, there was a tiny robot. It looked like a robot/jet, There was something about it that looked familiar to me. Wait, a second…is that a!? “A Cybertronain baby!?” I asked/yelled, but I shouldn’t have. That only made it worse, the sparkling (Cybertronain Baby) Began to cry even more. I wasn’t sure of what to do, I wasn’t good with human babies. And I was definitely sure, I wouldn’t be good with alien robot babies. I tried to remember what human parents, do to comfort their crying babies. Wait, he looks like a Seeker. Now if I can just remember! I thought beginning to panic, zombies I could deal with. But babies were a completely different story… I began to slowly walk toward the sparkling, It looked up at me and seemed to calm down a little. Oh, right! A Seeker’s wings are the most sensitive part of their body. I realized I also realized, that the giant robot must've been its parent. I gently picked up the sparkling, making sure to not touch its wings. The sparkling looked up at me, it seemed to calm down a lot more. “Now what do I do?” I asked myself, for now, there were no zombies. I was relieved but knew zombies would show up sooner or later. I had to find weapons fast, I looked at the sparkling’s servos. It had missiles attached to its servos, I didn’t know how to take care of the sparkling. All I knew was that I was the only one it had now, And I couldn’t leave it be it robot or human. And that’s how I and the Seeker met.


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