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Running With the Wolves Pt 1 - - - - UNEDITED

Running With the Wolves Pt 1 - - - - UNEDITED

Posted May 30th, 2018 by Graystorm

by Stormy
in Asgard

Running With the Wolves

Blue. Blue like the sky in the dewy morning. Blue like the colour of my fingers after spending the night outside. Blue like the ocean the day after a raging storm. Pupils dilated, blacker than an eclipse. Breath warm and wet, smelling vaguely of rotted meat. Fur coarse to the touch, but as my fingers plunged deeper, the undercoat was a downy soft. A newborn chick. And strong. So strong. With the blue blue eyes staring at me I was safe. Nothing could hurt me. Nothing could scare me. We were invincible.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

“Wake, Brother, the sun breaks the horizon and the elk move with the wind. We must follow.” Brown eyes. Warm, tanned face. Black hair falling past his shoulders, tamed into braids. Elki. His distinctly masculine smell washed over me. Safe. Elki is safe and if he is here I am safe.

“Lobo, quick, we follow the elk to safer grounds.”

I rise, glancing for a threat. There is nothing but the sharp tang of musk elk and the tall pines keeping watch over the cave where Elki, Denahi, Nayavu and I slept.  

“The trees watch, surely no harm can come.” My mind races to escape the sluggishness of last night’s dream. The piercing eyes that looked into my soul. Now was not the time to reflect on that dream.

“The elk move with the fires of our Ancestors on their feet.” Elki is insistent. “We must travel light and quick. I fear the worst.”

You always do, Brother. “Denahi and Nayavu, where are they?” Their sleeping mat are empty in the corner, their deerskin sacks lay to the side.

“Scouting. They mean to find the source of the migration. We meet them at Eaglehead Pond.”

My mind is spinning. We are leaving, Elki pulls me from my mat. I move to grab my sack, but Elki slaps my hand.

“We travel light.”

Elki leaves the cave at a jog. “We follow the elk’s trail,” he calls over his shoulder.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Brown eyes. Brown like the rich dirt during the growing season. Drown like the hide of an elk. Brown like dried blood. His pupils are narrowed, his breath bitter with the smell of carnage. Fear roils off of him like a snake, slinking around the both of us. Fear that will kill me. His hands plunge deep into my coat, pulling and lifting. He lifts his hunting blade, the edge glints in the morning sun. I close my eyes and wait for the end.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~


Snow crunches under my moccasins. Blood splatter the narrow path. Elki and I have been following this trail for a mile or so.  We hope for a downed animal to make an easy meal. Elki though that due to the amount of blood spotting the trail the animal wouldn’t have made it very far. Tha it shouldn’t have lasted more than a half mile. We keep up a steady pace, my legs burn and my lungs heave.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

My breath comes hard and fast. My hind leg is limp and useless, leaving a trail of blood that even a newborn squirrel could follow. I’m as good as dead. I freeze as ears swivel back to pick up on a noise from behind. The crunching of snow. Someone found my trail. Humans. A pair of humans based on the distance between paces. Dead. I’m as good as dead.


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Stormy!! Hi!!! Besides being

Stormy!! Hi!!!

Besides being happy to see you, this was incredible.

I loved the simple dialogue between the humans, and the panicked tone of the animal's thoughts. This was so cool. If you continue, I've got to read. I want to know what happens when the two meet. 


Spero quod via tua est directa et quod tuum onus est levis.

Posted by *Snow* Revival on Wed, 05/30/2018 - 22:16
Awwe! Thanks babe! I've got

Awwe! Thanks babe! I've got some more to post, I might so I might upload again tonight. It's fabulous to see you too!

Posted by Stormy on Thu, 05/31/2018 - 06:41

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