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Salvage and Salvation: fragment 1

Salvage and Salvation: fragment 1

Posted December 11th, 2017 by otaku

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by Schrödinger's Cat
in somia

            One of the first ways Arden knows the one he’s rescuing is in dire straits is when they don’t stir at the breaking of the lock. He doesn’t bother picking them these days unless the raid is covert, and he has a newbie with him this time, staying nervously close even though he’s fully trained as he can be for the first mission. Usually the prisoners can hear him work better than his own ears, and are at the door before he’s even finished if they’re lucid. Maybe it’s better they aren’t, with newbie. Letting the door swing open, he surveys the room carefully before entering. It smells dirty, unwashed, but not completely rank. There’s little else in the room besides the crumpled frame of a person laying mostly face down. Newbie hesitates at the door frame, eyes caught on the prisoner nervously. Arden can understand, he was new once, but he shakes his head as he makes his way closer, tucking away his weapon for the moment.

            “Come on, we’ve got a job to do.” he spares the newbie a glance as he reaches the prisoner.

            “What do we do if he decides he doesn’t like us helping?” Newbie asks, fingers brushing over their equipment belt as they move closer hesitantly.

            Arden rolls his eyes gruffly as he crouches next to the heavily drugged male slumped into the floor, noting signs he’s seen a depressing amount of times before. “Well, he’s drugged to start, kid. And the thing that’s scarin’ you most about this vamp we’re, maybe I remind you, rescuing, isn’t even in commission.” Carefully, he cradles the vampire’s head in one hand as he gently lifts his lip with the thumb of the other. This exposes more plainly the swollen flesh of the vampire’s gums, angry and inflamed with infection and trauma that was hidden by the closed lips. Newbie’s shocked intake of breath is audible as they’re presented in person with the gruesome realities of emotionally sterilized photos they saw in training as abstracts, super close-ups not connected to a living thing. The swollen gums, the dried blood on the lips no lucid vampire would allow, the startling missing spaces where the fangs used to sit, as normal in the vampire’s mouth as any tooth in a human’s. Their absence feels like there’s a black hole in the festering sockets drawing unwavering attention to the wounds left behind by a cruel job done to tame a person that was innocent of savagery to begin with.

The first time Arden saw the results of an extraction of the fangs in person, he was sick. Newbie remains pale and shocked, but retains the contents of their stomach for the time being. He lets the vamp’s lip gently settle back into place and shifts to gather more of his fever-warm body.

“Help me collect him and go. The sooner he’s out of here, the better for all of us.” Arden rises to his feet, carefully cradling the vampire’s limp head to his shoulder as he lifts him under the armpits. He’d never have a vamp’s head this close to his neck in any other rescue situation, but the current one poses no threat. Newbie is still anxious, but moves closer to help him gather the vamp into his arms, eyes skipping over other injuries littering his skin.

“How… how could anyone do this to him?” Newbie’s world tumble like rocks from their mouth. “How could this ever be…” Just one word to express discuss can’t come out as they fumble with so many.

“The people that torture the innocent are more monster than any they labeled as much. They just want subjects to experiment on that people won’t protest. But that isn’t going very well for them, clearly.” Arden nods newbie towards the door and follows, glancing around as they step out. Each team was assigned a person, and they all were to meet at the rendezvous point. It’s imperative they do, because they’re all fully aware that [leader of mission] intends to burn the place to the ground when they leave. No point in rescuing the prisoners and leaving the means when the sick fucks that run the place can just capture or buy more in the illegal body trade cutting through their subjects’ ranks.

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