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Saphires - Dark Romance (Ch. 1)

Saphires - Dark Romance (Ch. 1)

Posted December 17th, 2020 by Cutecrittre9

by Kaitlyn
in British Columbia

Chapter 1

I stare blankly out the window as we pass building after building, and vehicle after vehicle. My Grandfather died this march, and he gave us his cabin, so that is where we are going. It's wednesday July 3rd 2017. My Mom took us all out here today, because it is Great Grandpa's birthday. My name is Violet. My older sister is Camille and my younger brother is Jackson. We are currently in Lumby BC, but we're on our way outta here.

"Violet! Could you grab your suitcase sweetheart? You know which room to bring it to." Mom calls from the front porch of the cabin. She is holding Jackson(who is five) and Jackson is tryna reach a paper airplane that got stuck in the crack between the logs. I pull the trunk of Our silver Nissan Pathfinder open and reach in to grab my black, Leather suitcase, when I find a sticky note on it. The note is simple - Just a heart. "Hey Mom! Did you put a sticky on my bag?" I shout up to Mom. " No Sweetie. Why? What's up?" Mom calls back. "Oh, Nothing." I mutter, almost to myself. I pull the sticky Note off of my bag and crumple it in a ball, dropping it on the ground. I drag my bag into the creaky old cabin, and up a flight of stairs onto the second of three stories. I then walk to the door at the very end of the hall, and push the door open half way. I stare into the empty room and observe. A bed with a twin sized matress and no sheets sits in the corner of the room, and a tall-ish dresser with a TV on top of it stands solitary on the oposite side. This is just perfect for me to work with! I have two and a half months to completely renevate this room. I walk straight in and get to it imediately. I push the bed a bit more to the center of the room, with the head board still against the wall; and I adjust the TV to point straight at the bed. Then I open my bag and pull out my phone and a specific chord. I quickly connect my phone to the wifi, and reach behind the speaker for the TV. I plug the chord in and set up my chromecast. Perfect. When that is ready I put my sheets and a knit blanket on my bed, then arrange the pillows neatly. I pull out my clothes and organize them in the dresser; and I set up little clay sculptures on the window sill. When I am done I walk down stairs completely satisfied with my work, and ready to spend the rest of the summer here at the cabin.

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