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Saved chap 5

Saved chap 5

Posted May 18th, 2018 by mischief

by Cherith
in In the woods. Getting in trouble with ritzy people

We were caught. No more luck. This was our dead end. I thought glancing around the room. The room was dim, with one lamp flikering on and off. All of us, tied to wooden chairs. Heather's tiny brown hand was in mine, trembling. Suddenly a door opened, warm bright light flooded the room. In the dimmness I could make out a woman. She carried a soft lattern. Smooth, shiny, long, brown, hair fell to her slim waist. Almound shaped forest green eyes skimmed over us. She chuckled softly. " What do we have here? Let's start with my name. I'm Deliha, and I'm here to get some answers. Don't waste my time. What's your name"? Her eyes were directed at Joe. " Robert". He answed, it wasn't a complete lie. His middle name was Robert. I smiled slightly, I knew what my name for today would be. " Yours"? " Brian". I smirked alittle. "And I'm David". That was Cash, then it was Heather. " Amanda". " Go ahead". She said. " What". " Your lying to me, I can smell it. But I do find it, curious why a little lady would be haning around boys? Your working with that rebillous little group arn't you? You know Miss Tenboom is in prison"? " I don't know what your talking about". After a while, everybody was taken away to be interrogated privitaly . After being interrogated for what seemed hours, but was just over twenty minutes the gurad grunted. Rolling her eyes, and looking at him she muttered, " Do what you have to". The guards face flikered. He walked up to me, my ropes fell limply to the ground. " You won't give me any straight answers"? She tried one more time. " Don't know what your talking about". " Get it over with Vance". I was standing, unprepared for the convincing. Let me tell you, I wasn't feeling very charming after that. Hours later....on work duty



My head swirvels to the sound of my name. A small blur was flying toward me. I braced myself for it, it hit me with such small impact that I couldn't help laughing. It was Heather. Tears were streaming down her tiny dusty face. She bumped into me and was trying to get her breath, she soomthed her dirty shirt. Even dressed as a guy I couldn't ever miss her anywhere. I tucked a black look of silk behind her ear. " Your horriable at acting like a guy, you know". Still huffing she whisperd to me. " I hate it hear Shilo. We've got to get out of here". I felt my eyebrow arch and said. " Really? I kinda thought we'd stay for a while". She scrowled and put her bossy look on. " That's not funny Shilo"! Suddenly white hot pain shoot through my back. I felt the ground met my fall. Shilo A large man walked up to Shilo and I. Shilo laying limply, unconscious on the dirt road. My throat was closed in, my head yelling orders. My body ignoring them. The man picked up Shilo, like a rag doll and threw him over his huge shoulder. " I can take to my sisters. She's a nurse". He offered in a husky tone. I silently shook my head. The man looked as nervous as a coon getting tailed my dogs. I wondered why. As we half ran in and out of dark allies I realized something was dreadfully worng. Heather

Alexandrea winced as the younger of the one of the street rats crumped to the ground. I looked over to the older boy. He didn't need to be knocked out, I  had picked him up aready that way. I jumped into the drives seat of our gray truck as I threw the teens into the bed of the truck. And then we were on our way. Out of this awfully mess.

Three hours later..... The boat swayed underneath my feet, knocking the glass of water from out of my hand. I grabbed a towel and began to wipe the mess up. " Your wasting water". I looked up to scrow at the smirking teen leaning on the door post. " Which one are you. I can't tell you and the other one apart"? I said, trying to get him off track. He smirked, he wasn't even going to try to be nice. " My, isn't that a shame"? Other then being a heartbreaker he also took up for the smart mouth jerk. His identical triplet walked inside the cabin. " Any change in him"? He asked, concern seeping in his tone. " What'd you think"? I laughed.

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