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The Mysteries of Cape Cod Chapter 2

The Mysteries of Cape Cod Chapter 2

Posted May 22nd, 2021 by Polly

by Polly
in Texas

Early the next morning the Underwood family was up and getting ready. The girl's father, Dave was up must of the night trying to figure out what could of happened to his mom. On the other hand the twins slept very good. At about 7 that morning everyone was in the Jeep waiting for Dave to finish locking up. Ten minutes passed and there was no Dave. " Where could he be" Cathy wonderd. Another five minutes had passed and the girls were getting worried. " Can we go see where Dad is? It has been fifteen minutes already." Bess asked. " Yes, I was about to say that." Cathy said. What the fami!y did not know was that there was a black Mercedes parked a block away and the driver was in the house. On the way up to the house Cathy noticed the front door open. They ran inside and it was quiet. " Bess, you and Liana go look in your father's bedroom and the !ivingroom and I will get the dining room and kitchen." Cathy told them. Bess followed her sister to their father's room. They looked and looked in all of the possible hiding places. There was no sign of him. They moved to the living room. All they found was his coat. Meanwhile i. The dining room Cathy found Dave's keys and sunglasses. Other than that there was also no sign of him. The twins and Cathy met by the front door after searching all downstairs. It took them 30 minutes. The Underwoods home was very large so of course it took them a while. As Cathy was telling the girl's what she found they heard a thump come from upstairs. "W - what was that!!" Liana yelled. " I don't know. But keep it down!" Bess told Liana. Taking the lead Cathy tiptoded up the stairs. Right as she was going to turn the knob Bess said, " We should go through Liana's room." So everyone went in and as they opened the door a black haired, ugly and scarred faced man shoved their father in the closet. Cathy jumped out. " Stay were you are . Put your hands in the air." CAthy demanded the man. As she was speaking Bess and Liana locked all the doors. Bess also quickly dialed 911 and called for the police. " Liana get Dad out of the closet!!" Bess demanded. Liana got Dave and laid him on the bed. In 5 minutes he was conscious again. The police arrived and took the man away. " What happened?" Dave asked. Bess replied, " you got knocked out by some dude who snuck in."  After Dave had so e water Cathy locked up and got in the driver's side. About half way to the airport she noticed a black Mercedes following her. She said nothing because we thought he was heading to he airport too. At 8:30 am they were on the plane about to take off. The flight lasted or 4 hours.  When they arrived Bess and Liana went to get the suit cases while Dave and Cathy rented 2 jeeps. They met at the front door and get into the car. The city Meraculus where grandma Melissa lived was quiet and gloomy.

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WOW i love it!! (I kinda got

WOW i love it!! (I kinda got a sneak peak already!!)  teehee :P Keep up the great work!

Posted by Lana on Sat, 05/22/2021 - 16:09
Thanks sis!! Ant wait for

Thanks sis!! Ant wait for your next one!!??

Posted by Polly on Sat, 05/22/2021 - 16:18

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