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Secrets Thoughts- Sadie Cherry- Entry 5

Secrets Thoughts- Sadie Cherry- Entry 5

Posted March 4th, 2013 by Mimzy

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by PencilSword
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August 6


Today I woke up with Devon all up in my face yelling “WAKE UP, SADIE! IT’S TIME FOR SCHOOL!” and then I pushed him off me and said “It’s the middle of August, we ain’t got no school.”

And he ran downstairs laughing like a little girl. That boy has GOT to grow up. So then I put on some clothes and ate breakfast while watching some stupid reality TV show that Momma was watching. (We got the TV room right across from the kitchen so we can watch it while we eating. Actually, we kinda forced to watch whatever’s on sometimes ‘cause it’s right in front of us.)

So then I was done with breakfast and by that time Momma was getting ready to go to her summer job at this daycare thing downtown (For some reason they got people working on a Saturday) so I asked if I could play Wii and Daddy said yes and I was on the Harry Potter thing for two hours. Except I didn’t really get to play much ‘cause Devon kept grabbing the remote and whining at me to let him play when he ain’t even know how to hold the dang remote correctly. And when I didn’t let him play, he just plopped himself right down in front of the screen so I couldn’t see nothing. So yeah, that didn’t work out too well. After that, I sort of just hung out in my room for a while and drew stuff in the neon rainbow sketchbook Ander gave me, until Momma came home and we all went out for dinner. I thought we was going to Pizza Hut like we usually do, but then Daddy turned right instead of left and we went to this fancy-looking diner place instead. He said it was his special surprise for my birthday. I thought Momma was in on it too, but she seemed surprised in that silent, eyebrow raised way she has. I guess Daddy was keeping the whole thing a secret so we could all be surprised.

So then I ordered this real good lasagna with meatballs on the side and the whole time Momma kept kissing Daddy way more than usual and she kept saying what a good Daddy he is and stuff. You know, all that mushy stuff you see in movies. Momma seemed so pleased and Daddy seemed so proud I almost wondered for a minute if he only took us to the diner to impress Momma and the whole “for my birthday” thing was just a cover-up so Momma would think he cared about me and Devon.

Actually, cross Devon. He was being a nasty little pig the whole time. The waiter was real patient, but I could tell she was getting annoyed at him. I mean, he was calling her “Miss Poopy-face” and kept changing his mind about what to order and complaining about how the food was disgusting the whole time. I’m surprised the lady didn’t smack him across the face right then and there. Oh well, it was still cool to go out someplace nice for once. I thought your birthday is over after about a week, but I guess it ain’t.

Either that, or Daddy was just doin’ it for Momma.


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