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Secrets Thoughts- Sadie Cherry- Entry 6

Secrets Thoughts- Sadie Cherry- Entry 6

Posted March 6th, 2013 by Mimzy

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by PencilSword
in the TARDIS

August 7


I tried calling Lilli this morning and telling her ‘bout how Daddy took us out to a diner, but Mrs. Carter picked up instead and said Lilli was at Sunday school. She said it all grumpy-like too, like she was annoyed she had to take Lilli’s call or something. Daddy said I should call people later in the day ‘cause they might be tryna sleep, but if Lilli’s Momma was still asleep at eleven fifty in the morning, it’s kind a good thing I woke her up.

 I kinda forgot that Lilli’s Christian until this morning though, cuz we never really talked about how she go to church on Sundays. I got no idea why Mrs. Carter didn’t go to church with her but I guess it ain’t my business.

Anyways, after that I  just hung around the house eating Cheez-its and tryna draw some anime pictures I found online.

Then about lunchtime I went downstairs and Devon was just lying there on the couch like he was dying or something while the TV played some stupid Spongebob show. So then I made myself a PB&J, sat right on top of his legs, and changed the channel to iCarly which ain’t my favorite show by far but I watch sometimes when I’m bored, or like this time when I’m trying to annoy Devon ‘cause I know he HATES iCarly. Sorry, but sometimes I just like to purposely annoy him cuz its so funny the way he acts when he gets all mad at something.

 He didn’t do nothing though, just kept laying there with his head half off the couch. I’m pretty sure he was asleep, but he could’ve just been acting weird. He always does weird stuff like that when he’s tired, especially those nights when he stays up ‘till 2 in the morning playing his gameboy and thinks no one can see the light through his sheet.

So then I gave him a little poke and he sprang right up off the couch, grabbed the remote, and switched the channel. Then he ran into the dining room screaming “HOW COLD YOU DO THIS TO ME????”

You see what I mean? He acts all crazy when he’s mad.  He was rolling around on the floor after that; screaming like I was killing him or something. It was pretty darn hilarious until Momma came home and Devon made up some stupid story that made me sound like a deranged monster instead of me changing the channel while he was asleep.

So then Momma turned the TV off and made us both go upstairs and do something else in our rooms. So the rest of the day kinda sucked and I completely forgot about tryna call Lilli again since she was probably well out of church by then, but oh well I guess.

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