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Sequel to Venom and Medicine--Controllable-Chapter One (Blossom's POV)

Sequel to Venom and Medicine--Controllable-Chapter One (Blossom's POV)

Posted October 28th, 2012 by Lena

by Lena
in the stars

A/N: Hello! Hopefully some Venom and Medicine followers clicked on this:D Anyway, this takes place almost a year after Rain disappears. I kick off the action pretty quick in this chapter. Please comment/CC.

Anyhooo, hope you like it! Here's the first chapter of Controllable.



POV: Blossom

            I look down at the letter in my hands, rereading it for the three-hundredth time, looking for any hint that I’ve never picked up before. It hits me that she may not have known where she was going in the first place, which would make this tireless search useless and pitiful. My friend Holden looks over his own letter, his dark hair falling in his eyes.

            “Oh God, Rain,” he sighs. “Where did you go?”

            Let me explain. About a year ago, I found out that I’m part of this giant secret race called the Gifted. The Gifted, basically, are people with powers. Some of us think we’re better than the normal people—and those people, led by a man we call The Enemy, convinced my best friend Rain to join them. Of course, Rain wasn’t tempted by power or money or revenge or anything like that—she joined them to buy me and Holden time to train and rally the troops.

            Since then, Holden and I have been searching the Earth for any Gifted that haven’t been recruited by the evil guys. Fortunately, we’ve been rather successful right in our hometown. The place is pulsing with MP—Magical Potential.

            We’ve built an army of about two-hundred, well-trained teenagers and young adults. Our headquarters is an old warehouse that we seized from The Enemy’s followers in New York. I recently discovered that we can bend space to our will, traveling great-distances is a matter of seconds. It’s how we recruit people from other countries. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of training and quite a lot of energy, so only our most skilled agents can do this.

            We have a small, elite team searching for Rain. Rain is the one person who kicked this rebellion off. She’s a hero by our standards, even if she did join the enemies.

            I snap myself back to reality and shake out my red curls as one of our agents, Emily, runs up to us, her long brown hair flying behind her. “Holden, Blossom, we’ve got problems,” Emily informs us, panting and trying to catch her breath. Her hazel eyes dart around nervously.

            I sigh and tuck the letter into the pocket of my jeans. “What?” I ask.

            “There’s an attack going on in Rome, Italy. The Enemy’s forces trying to seize the place!” Emily gasps.

            Holden curses, and pulls an iPad off his desk. He clicks on something—our list of soldiers, probably and scrolls down. “Send, uh, Ariana, George, and Candace. Maybe Phillip too—”

            “There’s more,” interrupts Emily, her expression panicked.

            I sigh and run my hand through my hair. “I swear, nothing you say could surprise me,” I say, crossing my arms and raising an eyebrow.

            Emily almost smiles. “I doubt that.”

            Holden shrugs and sticks his hands in his pockets. “Try us,” he says.

            Emily takes a shuddering deep breath. “If I’m right—which I usually am—it’s Rain leading the attack.”

            My jaw drops. Rain hasn’t been spotted since she disappeared. Holden apparently is thinking the same, considering how shocked he looks. I curse and grab my silver sword off of the rack on the wall. “The universe just loves to prove me wrong, doesn’t it?” I say. “C’mon Holden—we have an old friend to visit.”


            I grab a few of our strongest fighters, and we head for Rome. Holden squirms beside me, obviously having conflicting emotions about seeing Rain again. He’s probably excited, scared, and very angry with her, all at the same time. I know that’s how I feel.

            “Are you as terrified as I am?” Holden asks as we slap on some extra weapons.

            “If you feel like you’re like you’re gonna puke, then yes,” I reply, my voice hard as I tuck a gun into my belt.

            “Excuse me?” Ariana interrupts, her British accent thick. “Are we attacking, or talking about our feelings?”

            I can’t help smiling. Ariana is usually cracking sarcastic jokes like that. “We’re attacking, chica,” I assure her. I glance over my shoulder at my small team. “You guys ready?”

            “Yep,” George says, his dark eyes glinting in the sunlight drafting in through the air vent. The six of us link hands and all focus our energy on bending time and space.

            A sucking sensation ripples through me and I close my eyes to avoid getting dizzy. When I reopen my eyes, we’re standing in front of a bunch of cowering children. Everyone lets go of each other’s hands. Holden, George, Ariana, Candace, and Phillip go into battle-mode.

            I stare at the four men in dressed in black who are trying to gain on these poor children. I’ve been practicing my mind-control for a while now, and I’ve been known to make full rooms of people start doing the Chicken Dance for no apparent reason.

            “Sleep,” I command, my voice silky and compelling. The dudes pass out, right then and there. I turn towards the children. “Go!” I say, no longer using my power but still rushing them off. “Now!” The kids turn on their heels and run for cover.

            I unsheathe my sword and start fighting with anyone wearing ninja-costumes. Honestly, if this is what they’re forced to wear when they attack, I almost feel sorry for them. The outfits are basically thin linen sweats, and a baggy long-sleeve shirt. Their faces are covered with simple ski-masks with eye-holes.

I make most of them pass out, but some are stronger willed and I have to tire them first. I see Ariana make the weeds and plants around the area strap down the enemies who she’s bested.

            I look the other way and see Holden healing a little girl who was slashed with a sword. I turn my gaze to where George is being practically drowned in rival warriors. But we’ve trained him to use his Earth powers well, and he keeps sending boulders at people, knocking out about five with each hit.

            Phillip uses his powers over metal and precious stones to disarm as many people as possible. Candace is obviously using her mad-driving powers to confuse the enemies and make them go insane, seeing as about fifty people are running around screaming about Christmas trees.

Within twenty minutes, we’ve knocked out the entire enemy warrior-flank, except one. I try not to think about how Rain is probably one of the masked people, lying injured around my feet. The people of Rome are probably cowering inside.

Holden and the guy pull out their swords and start fighting aggressively. The rest of our team surrounds them, in case the guy tries to do anything tricky.

            The guy is absolutely genius. He smacks Holden in the butt multiple times with the flat of his sword, and knows exactly where to aim. Luckily, Holden’s quick and it only takes him a second to reflect and react.

            Finally, Phillip gets sick of watching our friend get attacked and sends the guy’s sword flying over Candace’s head. The enemy warrior panics and dodges Holden’s sword. Holden, however, grabs him by the wrist and twists him around so that the poor guy is trapped against Holden’s chest, with his sword across his throat.

            “Surrender now, and maybe I won’t have to kill you,” Holden growls.

            The guy doesn’t reply.

            “Why don’t we see who lies beneath that little mask,” Ariana suggests girlishly. Holden smiles and grabs the top of the guy’s mask.

            He pulls it off and my jaw drops. Because the guy…well, he’s not really a guy. Instead, the pretty face of a girl stares at us. A girl I know very well.

            “I told you the next time we met we’d be enemies,” Rain Lawson says between gritted teeth.

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Oh. My. Gosh.

Oh. My. Gosh. *splutters*

How on earth did you do that?

I need more- NOW. This is even better than the last book already!



Other than that, I didn't really see anything...



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Posted by Lydia on Sun, 10/28/2012 - 18:55
Haha thanks! I'll have

Haha thanks! I'll have chapter two out soon.

Okay, here's my theory: Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are actually Capitol citizens who couldn't stand The Hunger Games, so they invented a time machine and traveled back to our time and became pop stars. O.O

Posted by Lena on Mon, 10/29/2012 - 08:09
NOOOOOO!  I mean, I knew

NOOOOOO!  I mean, I knew this was comming, but you can't make Rain do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  NONONONONONONONONONONONO!

Edit: Are we ever going to learn about Kathryn's little sister from the prologue????

Edit (yes again): Oh, she died in a forest fire.... Are we going to learn how Rain knows all of this shtuf?

Edit (3 times the charm): Oh, the enemy told her.  But why would he give her all the information, even if he thinks she thinks he's his uncle?

Edit (I guess it wasn't the charm): What about Clark????  And Kathryn, and Jay, and whoever else... like Greg.

CACrules :D ".....in twenty-four hours, it will be exactly one year since I had been captured." ~Anisha: Forever Gone

Posted by CACrools on Sun, 10/28/2012 - 20:51
If it makes you feel better,

If it makes you feel better, I internally slapped myself :D

And in reply to your multiple edits: patience. It's only the first chapter. I'll get to all that soon :D

Okay, here's my theory: Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are actually Capitol citizens who couldn't stand The Hunger Games, so they invented a time machine and traveled back to our time and became pop stars. O.O

Posted by Lena on Mon, 10/29/2012 - 08:10
I'm just making sure you
Posted by CACrules :D on Mon, 10/29/2012 - 16:31
I certainly will :D Don't

I certainly will :D Don't you worry, I shall do my best to make this better than the first book!

Okay, here's my theory: Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are actually Capitol citizens who couldn't stand The Hunger Games, so they invented a time machine and traveled back to our time and became pop stars. O.O

Posted by Lena on Mon, 10/29/2012 - 16:56
i can not explain how i feel

i can not explain how i feel right now its a mixture of Happyness, excitment,

saddness, and on the edge on my seat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE write more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1




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Posted by Nicole on Tue, 10/30/2012 - 20:57
Aw thanks! I'm about to post

Aw thanks! I'm about to post chapter two:D

Okay, here's my theory: Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga are actually Capitol citizens who couldn't stand The Hunger Games, so they invented a time machine and traveled back to our time and became pop stars. O.O

Posted by Lena on Wed, 10/31/2012 - 18:20

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