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Series: Jr. Detective Tomathy Pillsmar; Year: 1; Chapter: 1

Series: Jr. Detective Tomathy Pillsmar; Year: 1; Chapter: 1

Posted February 9th, 2017 by esanta31

by Elizabeth
in Ohio

1: The Deceitful Diamond Thief

It was a peaceful day in the small town where Tomathy lived. Few people were walking between shops and houses, and among them was young Tom. Suddenly a scream was heard. Tomathy ran towards the source to find Lady Belmont lying on her back, unconscious in the middle of the road. There was a pool of blood around her wrist.  Tom took her back to her house and stopped the bleeding, before leaving her with her butler. He returned the next day. The butler told Tomathy that when Lady Belmont regained consciousness, that first thing she noticed was that someone had stolen her bracelet. “Precious Bracelet Stolen” was the headline of the newspaper.  Tomathy inquired around the town. He came up with three suspects.  Jim Wiggins, Susan Grey, and Mary Jones.  He conversed with Mary first. She was outside, leaning on her car.  “Where were you around 7:00 yesterday morning?” questioned Tom.  “I just got back from a vacation in the countryside before you got here” responded Mary. Tom said thanks and left.  Next, he talked to Jim and Susan. Both had been in bed till after eight.


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Mary.  Scroll more to find why or determine it yourself.

























If she had just been driving the hood would have been hot, preventing her from leaning on it.

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