Series: Jr. Detective Tomathy Pillsmar; Year: 1; Chapter: Introduction

Series: Jr. Detective Tomathy Pillsmar; Year: 1; Chapter: Introduction

Posted February 9th, 2017 by esanta31

by Elizabeth
in Ohio



Once there was a boy named Tomathy Pillsmar, who, when he had a dream (which was quite often) he would dream of being a detective.  In one of his dreams, it was his 20th birthday, and he had just finished opening all of his presents.  Then, he asked his parents "Where is my ticket to driving school? Did you lose it or did you just not get it?"  His mother responded first. "I'm sorry, honey. We must have lost it. We'll look for it right away."  "Let me please!'' interrupted young Tom. "Okay-dokay" replied his father, acting confused. Tomathy immediately started asking his parents questions to help him find it. In the middle of a question, he woke up, feeling like he should follow the clues to see if there was something hidden there. To his surprise, there was! He was so excited, he had his parents hide an object someplace. By asking questions, he soon found out that the hidden parcel was a toy car and found it under his bed as predicted.  He underwent a few more of these tests, before starting a detective agency at his school. Within a week he had his first case.

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I posted this and would like

I posted this and would like to ask for any CC (even the most opinionated doesn’t bug me) and ideas for more stories.  No deaths please.

Posted by Elizabeth on Fri, 03/24/2017 - 13:53

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