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she tells him

she tells him

Posted February 4th, 2018 by TCGuest

by Rambouten101
in Hawaii(I can dream, right?)

she tells him

to Be safe

as he walks out the door

he turns

doesn't see her

he looks out over her left shoulder

and it's a wonder he doesn't see her monsters coming to swallow her whole

she waits



maybe he'll say it back

and she'd make a promise to beat the monsters

one she couldn't break

but he doesn't

just turns and walks out the door

leaving her alone


she turns and faces her monsters

they pick her apart; every flaw examined and deciphered

every part that could, in one universe, be beautiful

picked off her like meat off a bone

until all that's left of her 

are her flaws

black and bloue and tender

like a bruise

for anyone to see


she tells him

to Sleep well

as he shuts off his light

he pauses

looks at her,

but not really,

because his gaze rests above her forehead

it's a marvel he doesn't see the nightmaresin the storm cloud above her head

he nods

then flicks the switch

and sleeps to a soundtrack of lilacs and a hazy purple


she is forced to confront the sights around her

the nightmare of her reality

and the reality in her nightmares

the screams

and the hits

and fear and the anger and the red and the blue and the black

she sees him,

and she's forced to watch him with someone else

someone better

she sees her younger sister

and she's forced to watch her take hit after hit

curse after curse

she can't stop it

she can't flick the switch

and she doesn't sleep at all


she tells him

I love you

as he walks away

he turns

and he sees her

but not, 

because he's looking striaght through her

to a girl behind her

a girl just like her, 

but with no monsters

no nightmares

a girl who sleeps to the same soundtrack as him

and he goes to her

and says it back

and they leave together


she sits

mind silent

no nightmares,

no monsters

she's already been torn apart and scattered to the wind

dumped in the sea

burned in the fire

and buried in the earth

but she needs to say her goodbyes

to the only constants in her life

so they come back

to watch her leave

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This is so beautiful! The

This is so beautiful! The words you use really display the emotion she feels. You are a wonderful writer!

Posted by Elora on Thu, 02/08/2018 - 15:31

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