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Silent Song Ch. 10 (#&!)

Silent Song Ch. 10 (#&!)

Posted February 14th, 2012 by Evedaw13

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by Rainy Daze
in Georgia

The park is almost empty. It's a cloudy Saturday, so the only people are those whose dogs desperately need excercise every day or old men that feed pidgeons while sitting on park benches. I'm sitting on a bench facing the grey-surfaced lake in the park's center, with the wind blowing around me and sending my hair flying around crazily. I feel stupid for not bringing a sweater.


Behind me is Brandon, walking quickly towards the bench. His golden-brown hair blows in the wind as he circles the bench to sit next to me. "How long have you been out here?" he asks me. "I've been looking around the park for ten minutes or so."

About 15 minutes, I reply on my paper. It's a lie. I've been shivering out here for nearly a half hour. Brandon sees right through me.

"You're practically a block of ice," he argues. "Why didn't you bring a coat?"

I shrug and make the "crazy" sign next to my head, swirling my finger in circles next to my ear and crossing my eyes.

"Here," Brandon says. I feel a faint blush begin on my cheeks as he slips out of his jacket and puts it over my shoulders. To my surprise, he doesn't start shivering right away. Making sure he can't see, I nestle my way deeper into the thick fabric of his jacket.

Thank you, I write. Brandon smiles, but the smile slips from his face soon.

"So... you're really okay with me, just... venting?" he asks me carefully. I nod.

Brandon leans over and puts his face in his hands. "Well, my venting can get loud, so be prepared." I nod again.

"Yesterday, my mom and dad got into a huge fight," he begins. "My mom was furious with my dad - she said he was being 'overbearing' and 'obsessive' about me and Mike. He was upset, obviously, so he started to shout at her about how she wasn't the one who was going to die in a few months. Then it escalated. She was screaming at him about how she deserves some time with her kids, too, and he was screaming at her about how she had the rest of her life with her kids, whereas he only had the next six months. It ended with them both crying, and my mom was ready to kick my dad out of the house. But Mike and I made her stop." Brandon looks up at me, and I see that there are tears in his eyes.

"Then later, Mike went to ask Mom if she was coming with us all for dinner. She was in her bed and she started to yell at him, too. She said all sorts of things too him, mostly curses, and then told him to get out of her life and go with Dad. She also said that when he got married to some... uh... slut... that when she cheated on him, he had better not come crawling back to her because she would just laugh at him." Brandon wipes his eyes, but there are still tears welling up behind his hand.

I touch his arm gently, and nod when he looks up.

"T-thanks," Brandon mutters, looking embarrassed to be crying. "It's just... so hard to... to hear my parents... ar-arguing over me and Mike." He gives a long, shuddering sigh.

My mom had brain cancer, I write, and show him the paper. Brandon reads it and looks up at me.

"So you live with your dad, then?" he asks. I balk at answering this question. Abby and Brittany are the only two people that I've ever told, and even that was over chat.

I live with a foster parent, I write. Mrs.Kaylie.

Brandon's eyes cloud, but he doesn't ask anything about why I don't live with my dad. I lean back against the fence and stare up at the cloud-filled sky.

"Hey, Wren," Brandon says softly, "thanks."

I turn and look at him. His brown eyes are full of pain, and there are a few tears running down his cheeks. He doesn't look embarrassed by it anymore, though.

"I needed someone to listen," he tells me. "Thanks for being there when I really needed it, even after the way I acted at school."

I nod, realizing that there are tears threatening to spill from my own eyes. Recalling my mother is hard.

Then, suddenly, Brandon leans over and pulls me into a hug. It's surprising, and warm.

I tense up for a second, then relax. The hug isn't the least bit romantic - it's just a hug between two friends - but it's wonderful. I close my eyes and listen to Brandon's heartbeat from his throat against mine. It's the best thing that's ever happened to me. Not romantic at all, but just now it doesn't matter. It's just... comforting.

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Ok Thats unfair!!! Why did

Ok Thats unfair!!! Why did it have to stop!!!! I just read all ten chapters and I really enjoyed it! I will say that it can be a bit unoriginal at bits but otherwise... PLEASE WRITE MORE!!!!

:) :) :)

Be happy anyway :) -Anyway

Posted by Flutterby on Wed, 02/15/2012 - 21:02
Which parts are unoriginal?

Which parts are unoriginal? I'll get right on it and the next chapter will be different. Please tell me - I don't want to sound like a fakey person trying to write a bad book.



Weapon of mass destruction?! Where?! Don't tell me to put down my black ball with the sparkling rope! Ugh, fine, you can have it. Here, catch!

Posted by Rainy Daze on Wed, 02/15/2012 - 21:07
Hey sorry it took so long to

Hey sorry it took so long to reply

I think the main thing for me was the whole American seeming highschool blah

I also originally wondered about Brandon and co. accepting Wren so quickly but I think that may have come out of me being an aturally shy person dunno

does any of that make sense?

By the way I am not that great at this stuff and I do the same thing

Hope that helps :) :) :) :)

And to tell you the truth I dooo looove this story!


Come morning light you and I'll be safe and sound. -Taylor Swift ft Civil War- Safe & Sound. <3

Posted by Flutterby on Sun, 03/11/2012 - 20:56
I'm naturally shy, too, so I

I'm naturally shy, too, so I completely understand what you mean. And it's actually a middle school, just saying...


I mean, I guess not everyone is naturally shy, so I tried to make it seem... real, I dunno...



Weapon of mass destruction?! Where?! Don't tell me to put down my black ball with the sparkling rope! Ugh, fine, you can have it. Here, catch!

Posted by Rainy Daze on Sat, 03/17/2012 - 22:50

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