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Silent Song Ch. 8 (#&!)

Silent Song Ch. 8 (#&!)

Posted February 4th, 2012 by Evedaw13

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by Rainy Daze
in Georgia

I walk into my focus class and sit next to Brandon. He doesn't look at me, and I feel awkward. Megan walks in and sits behind Brandon.

"Hi, Brandon," she chirps. To my surprise, Brandon spins around and snaps, "Shut up!"

Megan is clearly shocked as well. Her eyes brighten with tears, and I actually feel sorry for her.

"Brandon, why - " Megan begins, but Brandon is hunched over and looks furious. I've never seen him like this, not once in the two weeks since I first came to Ocean Crest Middle School.

I take a piece of paper from my notebook and write, Brandon, what's wrong? What's got you so mad today? Are you okay? Then I place the piece of paper on his desk. Brandon looks at it, reads it, then picks it up and holds it up to me. With me watching, he tears the paper up into tiny confetti-like bits and throws it my way. Then he turns back to his desk and hunches over angrily.

I can't believe what's just happened. Feeling my own eyes tear up, I begin to pick pieces of paper out of my hair.

Megan leans over to me and whispers, "Something's got him pissed... we'd better leave him alone." I nod and wipe the tears out of my eyes.

Brandon whips around and glares at her. "Shut up, Megan. No one cares what you think!"

She jerks back in her chair, looking terrified. "Brandon, wait - why are you so mad? What did I do?"

"I said shut up!" Brandon snarls. Megan falls silent, eyes wide in fear.

I really do feel sorry for her now. Something has Brandon upset, but I don't know what it is and he's clearly not going to tell us anything. Whatever it is must have been really painful, because it looks as if Megan has never seen him this way, either. As I pick the last bits of paper out of my hair, I turn away from Brandon and force myself to ignore the way he's muttering under his breath.

The teacher comes in and says, "Hello, class. Today we'll be playing a game, as tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Who wants to play SilentBall?"

There are cheers from the class - not me, of course, but everyone else... except Brandon. He sits silently and glares at his desk.

Most of the people around the room get into a circle, but a few people stay seated. Brandon actually gets up, surprisingly, and stands near his desk in the circle. I stay seated - I'm not really in the mood for games today.

The teacher sits at his desk. "You can chose the dares for whenever someone drops the ball. Just remember, no kissing or other related acts."

I lay my head on my desk and close my eyes for a while. I listen to the ball thwock from hand to hand, and hear the giggles as people have to do acts. Then I open my eyes for a brief second - long enough to see Brandon hurl the ball at Megan. She squeals and puts up her hands. The ball hits her on the forehead. She puts her hand to it and yelps. "Ow!"

"Brandon, that was a terrible throw," the teacher said. "Not only do you have recieve your dare, you will also go to the principal's office afterwards."

Megan is shooting daggers at Brandon now. Practically spitting it out, she hisses, "You have to pretend to propose to someone in this room. Any girl."

Brandon's face turns red and he clenches his teeth. I wince in sympathy for him, but what he's done so far... he deserves it.

"Go on," Megan spits. Brandon looks around the room and his eyes land on me. I inhale sharply, half-expecting him to say something romantic, but instead he says, "Marry me, Wren."

Several people in class explode with laughter, and Brandon gives his agenda to the teacher for a pass to the office. As he walks past me, he glances at me.

I can't really tell, but... I think I see sadness in his eyes.

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Wow, that was really good!

Wow, that was really good! :) I love your word choice and description! :D


"Life is filled with 8 things: laughter, sadness, anger, hope, freedom, peace, unfairness, and one more very important ingredient: love." ~ Moi

Posted by KalliRose (Kalena) on Sat, 02/04/2012 - 20:47
e............o chapter nine?

e............o chapter nine? PLEASE!!!!!!!

I am everlesquence, beware. If you are not going to comment on the story-dont even bother clicking on it. Because a comment can save a story :D

Posted by Everlesquence on Sat, 02/04/2012 - 21:11

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