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Sisters Three Chapter 4

Sisters Three Chapter 4

Posted April 20th, 2017 by melanberry

by Lila Violet;)
in Wonderland

    Amberlea managed to give a bright smile to the disgusting little brats at the dinner table. The room was lit by a chandelier, but the room seemed darker at night. There was a single window that nearly took up the whole wall behind Amberlea, but the moon and stars didn’t provide much light. The walls were a disgusting army green that Amberlea had been trying to change for months, but her incompetent servants kept messing up her orders. Tile covered the floors of every room in the palace.

Amberlea knew that she could win the kids over with a feast, as most of the villages live in poverty. “Eat up, my beloved little ones,” she chirped. “We have a big day tomorrow.”

    “Excuse me, Your Majesty,” a little boy, about eight years old, said. “I left my belongings at my house. Oh, and do I get to go back home and get my teddy bear?”

    Amberlea rolled her eyes, but covered it up with gleaming teeth and lips stretched into a smile. Why was this kid talking so disgustingly formally for a little kid? “I will provide you all with new belongings. Until you are done with your education, the palace will be your home, and I your mother.”

    “Oh, can we call you ‘Mother’, Your Majesty?” a revolting little girl with silky brown pigtails asked. Her big circular wire glasses framed not only her grey eyes, but most of her cheeks as well. She couldn’t be more than five years old, and yet Amberlea knows that she hated that disgusting child.

    “No, you will not be calling me ‘Mother’,” Amberlea replied, very annoyed. “Instead, you will continue to call me ‘Your Majesty’. However, I will still be raising you. Would you like to tell me your names?” There’s a silence that filled the room. Amberlea sighed- Brats.

    “Well, we’ll go around the table, saying our names and ages,” Amberlea said with a sickeningly sweet tone that even makes her sick to her stomach. “I’ll start. My name is Amberlea Hadley. I’m not going to specify my age, however, I can guarantee that I’m older than any of you.” She turned to the child on her right and nodded. “Now it’s your turn.”

    The boy’s sapphire blue eyes widened, but he responded with a confident voice. “My name is Perry Tyler, and I’m twelve years old.”

    The next child, a girl with nearly the same features as the boy, announced, “I’m Petra Tyler, and I’m eight years old.”

    This continues, until the last child, a three-year-old, announced that she is called ‘Bewwa’.  Her nearly amber eyes glowed with such joy that makes Amberlea want to gag. The only children that hadn’t stated their names were the two infants. Looks like they’ll be the first to go for defying their queen’s orders. After nearly endless torture, Amberlea forced a smile for the kids and asked, “Now who’s ready for dessert?”


    Diamond knew that everything about this system is wrong, but it’s nice to know that she’ll live her last days like a princess. Every single one of the Chosen got their own room in the Chosen Wing. Her room was covered in pink, her favorite color. Small baby animal paintings adorned the walls. She had a wardrobe filled with pretty dresses. Diamond had come to the palace wearing a purple dress that reached her ankles. It was obviously in need of washing. She casted her dress to the side after finding a baby pink nightgown. She slipped on the nightgown easily and sighed. Ember used to tell her all of the stories about the Chosen that never come back after their education and about how Amberlea only gives the Chosen anything they want so that they think she’s kind before it’s too late. Diamond never believed those stories, but she could obviously see some of the truth in them now that she’s here.

    Just to be safe, Diamond scanned the space beneath her bed; no tigers there. She quickly checked the wardrobe; no tigers there, either. She slipped into her bed. The bed jiggled, causing her to yelp. Curiously, Diamond poked at the bed. It wiggled like jello. She considered ripping the bed open or shredding it into feathery shreds, before realizing that the bed is filled with water. Diamond laid her back down onto the bed and wondered what Ember and Vera are doing. Maybe they’re crying over their loss. Maybe they’re selling Diamond’s possessions, as only money was pretty tight. Maybe they forgot all about Diamond. Maybe they got some new baby bunnies to take care of- what if they’re pink bunnies? Diamond knew that now she’s just being silly, but what if her sisters really did forget about her?

Two tears rolled down her cheek. She considered the silly idea that one tear is for Vera and the other for Ember. The tears and their paths dried to Diamond’s face. She drifted away into her dreams, feeling like she’s on a boat gliding across the water, the salty tears stained to her face. 

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Poor kiddos. I wonder what

Poor kiddos. I wonder what Amberlea's deal is. She's already fascinating; if played right, she could be a stunning tragic character....

CC: Especially in Diamond's point of view, there are several lapses into present tense.


Spero quod via tua est directa et quod tuum onus est levis.

Posted by *Snow* on Thu, 04/20/2017 - 17:40
ok thanks

ok thanks

Posted by Lila Violet ;) on Sat, 04/22/2017 - 14:30

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