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An SML fanfic-Chapter 1

An SML fanfic-Chapter 1

Posted October 18th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in Texas

Chapter 1: Junior

"So, guys!" I exclaim. "I just got a laptop today, and now you know what this means?" Joseph and Cody's faces remain blank as ever. "...What, dude?" Joseph asks. My face falls slowly. Very slowly. "Um, we get to go to Venice?" Cody sighs. "Junior, I always knew your ideas were stupid, but this is a new low. We are nowhere close to having the money to even afford a trip to Texas. And besides, we haven't got...oh wait, we do have passports."

Cody's right. We all do have passports. Joseph replies, "But I don't have a passport! Because...you know." I say, "Here's what we'll do. We'll go get an old luggage, put you in it, and then unload you onto a seat." Cody sighs even more angrily. "Junior...he wouldn't even make it past the checkpoints. What makes you think he'd make it onto a seat?" I think even harder. "Well...uh...we can hide him from the girls that...serve you?"

Cody blushes a bit. "Girls serving? Niiice, but that'd be the safest option for him. But how are we going to get the money?" I reply, "We sneak onto the flight pretending we're adults!" Cody thinks for a long while before finally saying, "Junior...our disguises would fall right through." I intently reply, "No, they wouldn't! Shaddup!" Joseph says, "Who else should we invite?" It takes me a beat to register who. "How about Jeffy?"

Joseph nods. "Mhm, that's good!" Cody says, "Don't kill me for this, but...Penelope." I look at Cody instantly. "What?!" Cody replies, "I knew I'd get that response." I consider this for a second. "Well- I mean- she could be good..." Joseph nods at this. "All right. We'll take her," I say, "but next year on Halloween, you need to dress up in my Mike Myers costume. With the knife or it's no deal." One last time, Cody sighs, "Junior, that's MICHAEL MYERS."


In school, I sigh, "Guys, how are we going to ask Penelope? Jeffy will be easy. Her on the other hand...?" Joseph replies, "Dude, just go with the flow. Don't lose hope!" I walk up to Penelope as Cody sneaks a paper flower into my palm. "Oh, hey, Penelope!" I say. "What do you want, Junior?" she asks. I pull out the flower. "I just wanted to give you this!" Penelope's face softens. "Oh...I guess it's nice," she says. "Thanks."

This is the time to ask her. I've still got many more chances. "Penelope?" I ask. "Mmm-yeah?" she replies. I muster up the courage I can to say, "Do you want to go to Venice with us?" The spell is broken, and Penelope replies, "...Why would I ever want to go to Venice with you? If that paper flower was your little form of bribing, then I'm out." Cody says, from the back, "Don't worry, Junior, I've got this. You take care of Jeffy."

I walk over to Jeffy's desk. "Hey, Junior!" he says. "What's up?" I ask him, more confidently, "Um...Do you want to go to Venice with us? Like, in a few days." Jeffy's face seems to freeze. I worry that I've done something wrong, and that maybe Venice would be a bad memory for him. "Um, Jeffy?" I ask. "You okay?" After a moment, he finally says, "Junior, that is the tits. Why the hell wouldn't I go? I'm down. I just hope I see some chicks there~"

Jeffy makes the kissing noise. All of a sudden, our teacher, Jackie Chu, says, "*Okay, settle down, crass! Today, we learning about the pranets! It go in this order- Mercuy..." The words are basically irrelevant. He should have included the sun first, I think. I look at the chalkboard, with eyes like a dead fish's. I want to bite my tongue out of boredom, but it would just be harder because I don't have any teeth.

Before soon, it's lunch. "All right, crass!" Jackie says. "Have a great lunch! I see you next crass." We walk to the lunchroom. Surprisingly, the lunch doesn't taste as crappy as it does on normal days. I sit next to Cody and Joseph this lunch. "So, Junior," Cody says. "Penelope says she's considering it. What did Jeffy say?" I put my face in my hands out of tiredness. "Jeffy said yes. Since he's already an adult, it'll excuse something."

Cody nods. "You're right."


That day, after school, we get back home onto my laptop. I start scratching on my paper whilst talking. "All right, guys, here's the plan. We don't pay for the flight, but we do bring our passports and hide Joseph in a suitcase. We either find something to put in our shoes or we just stand on tiptoe. Jeffy will be the one to check us in, we'll secretly unload Joseph, we go into Venice as normal and from there find out how we'll stay somewhere."

Cody sighs. "Junior, there are so many things wrong with this. But I'm going to do it just because the lights will be off, and me and Ken..." Cody's face curves into a smile. "You are so weird, Cody," I say. "The flight takes off on Wednesday, which is **next chapter. Just, all of you, make sure to wear coats, okay? It's gonna be like Antarctica out there." Cody says, "Junior, Florida isn't even that cold. It's almost Arizona!"

"Alaska!" I burst. Cody sighs again. "Okay, I'm just going to text Penelope." Joseph replies, "You do that." Before soon, Cody says, "Oh my god! Penelope actually said yes!" I say, "WHAAT?!" Joseph replies with his usual, "NANI?!" Again, I scream-talk, "Cody, tell her it's gonna be- Wednesday-" Cody says, "Don't talk so fast, Junior!" I catch my breath. "Okay. So, yeah. Tell her that, and also tell her to pack her things. We're going to be there for like, 6 days."

Joseph looks sad again. "But I can't pack my own clothes...Because..." I turn to him. "That's the reason we're hiding you in the suitcase. The most promise I might make is that you'll get clothes in Venice. And clothes there cost like, twelve trillion dollars," I say. We are silent for a second. Cody mutters, "Not that much." I say, "Well, I'm going to go get Jeffy. He's basically the the leader of this. He should know something."

With this, I walk off to the playroom where I know Jeffy is. As soon as I enter, I see him digging through the toybox, flinging toys across the room. One of the toys smacks the wall near me and falls to the floor. I manage to pass the toys flying across the room and get to Jeffy. I see his crooked eye shift to mine. "Hey, Junior!" he says. I say, "Hey, Jeffy! So, uh, for Venice, you gotta check us in and try to find a hotel."

He thinks for a second. "I literally listened to NOTHING you said. Buut it sounds worth it, so I'll do it." He instantly goes back to throwing. My work is done here. I leave the room and head back to the room with the red couch. "So, guys," I say, "Jeffy knows. Let's start packing for Venice! Cody, you go back to your house and pack there. Any updates on Penelope before you go?" Cody replies, "Yep. She said she just began packing secretly."

I nod my head. "Good. Joseph, come to my room, stay hidden. I've got a change of plans." Joseph nods intently. Cody leaves the room as Joseph and I walk to our own room. We get onto my bed and I say, "All right. Change of plans because we're actually going to let you borrow my clothes." Joseph thinks. "That sounds weird, though...You know what? Okay, dude." I dig through my room for anything at all for Joseph to borrow.

I hold two shirts and shorts above my head. "Here, try these." The first shirt and shorts fit Joseph well. Same with the second shirt, but the second shorts don't quite fit. I just decide to take them with me, for me. I sneak the items into my luggage. "All right," I say. I bring out another leather briefcase. "You'll be in this until you get a seat on the plane. Get in to see if you fit." Joseph jumps into the case. "Does it fit?" he says through the case. "It's kinda tight."

I look around. "Yep." I open the briefcase again for Joseph to jump out and throw the items under my bed. "Wednesday is going to be the best."






*Reference to Jackie's speech impediment.

**Fourth wall breaks as seen in the series.

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