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An SML fanfic-Chapter 2

An SML fanfic-Chapter 2

Posted October 18th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in Texas

Chapter 2: Joseph

The day of Wednesday finally comes. The plane takes off this evening, and Junior is excited. I know I am! I'm nearly squealing. In class, my heart is pounding a million miles an hour. All through lunch, last class, and as Junior, Cody, Jeffy, and I are walking to the house. Penelope just stayed in her own. As we get on the red couch, I say, "Oh boy, I'm so excited!" Junior squeals, "Me too!" Cody says, "This feels wrong...but I'm excited for something wrong!"

Jeffy says, "Hell yeah! I'ma get girls! Italian girls!!" Junior announces, "Have we all got our luggages?" I say, "Yep! Got my briefcase!" Jeffy nods, "It's in my bedroom." Junior nods along. Cody says, "Um...I left my suitcase at home...but I can get it before we go to the airport?" I say, "Sure." Almost immediately after I speak, Jeffy cheers, "Yep! Got the car all gassed up and ready! I can drive 'em!" Cody says, "No...I'll just walk."

Junior replies, "Hurry up! We're gonna try on our adult clothes in my bedroom and hope they look adult enough to pass the checkpoint." Cody says, "Try on...? Okay, I'll hurry up, just for that." He leaves instantly. I say, "Dude, Jeffy's going to look like a lawyer with that coat you showed me at school!" Junior says, "Yeah! We'll all look like legends." Cody hurries back with the luggage. "Okay, now when are we gonna try them on?"

I say, "Right now, Cody! Come on!"


As soon as we get into Junior's room, we decide on who should try on the clothes first. "I'll go," Jeffy says. "I'm going to look so sick." He grabs the coat from Junior's hands and puts it on. We all look at him in the mirror. Eyes twinkling, I say, "You look like you could be the face of Vogue!" Everyone nods. Cody says, "Also, I got Ken ready for the show." We all look at Ken, with only his shorts on, on the bedframe.

"He's a doll, dude!" I yell. Junior replies, "Yeah, Cody. You're just so weird." We get over it quickly. "So, want to see the scarf I got for the trip?" Junior asks. I nod. "Yeah! It'll be so cool!" Junior pulls out the suitcase from under his bed and digs for the scarf. As he puts it on, I'm surprised at how neatly it's kept...but it's also so off from the destination itself. What do I mean by this? "Junior, that's a Christmas scarf," Cody says.

"Well? I wasn't lying when I said it'd be like Antarctica in there!" Junior rebels. Jeffy says, "Junior...you look like you're actually going to Antarctica." Junior flings the scarf. "Look, how about we just see Cody, okay?!" Cody says, in a small voice, "Okay..." He takes a sweater out of his suitcase. "This is a sweater my mom made aaand it's ugly." I look up and down the sweater. It's green, with the word HONEY BUNS on it.

I refrain myself from laughing. "D-dude...that..." Junior is stifling a laugh too. "It's just...so..." Cody sighs. "Look, I'll take it off." I warn, "No. You can keep it on, just...don't get Penelope laughin' up a storm with that sweater." Cody replies, "Oooh, on word of Penelope...she sent me this!" Cody holds his phone up to our faces, showing a picture of Penelope with a black coat with the words, "Is this good for tonight?"

Admittedly, she doesn't look terrible. We just say, "She's okaaay." Cody texts her back, saying "It's alright." After he's done, Cody says, "All right. Now that we've got enough time before 11:30, the time our plane boards, what do we do?" I burst in, "Simple! We party until 10:00!" Junior says, "That's 5 hours of party! Let's go!" We all run into the living room, and Jeffy pulls out a speaker. "Junior, what do I play?!" he yells.

"Play the Booty song!" Junior yells. "Yeah, that one!" I say. Jeffy sets the speaker to the Booty song, and we all begin doing the dance move.

For the looongest time, but what feels short.


Later, I'm all partied out. "Uuuugh...Junior...." I say. "What....er....time....is it?" Junior pushes himself up. "I'ma go look," he says. He walks for a while, then says, "Guys! It's 9:45! Get in your clothes, and let's go!" We hurry into the bedroom, get our luggages, get our clothes, and we're almost out until I see Junior pause in his tracks. "Guys..." He says. "What if my dad's still awake?" As soon as he whispers, we hear, "JUNIOR! YOU BETTER BE IN BED!"

"Go, go, go!" I urge. We tiptoe (very fast, mind you) and out the front door. "Okay, Jeffy," Cody says. "Where's your car?" Jeffy looks around. "Umm...right there! Let's go, let's go!" We all hop into the car and get our luggage ready. Jeffy says, "Okay, guys. You ready to go to Penelope's house?" We all nod. We pull out of our house area, and begin driving to Penelope's." Jeffy cheers, "Okay! Let's sing the 'We're escaping to Venice!' song!"

Junior sings, "We just escaped our house and we are going to Venice!"

"Yes, we're escaping to Venice!"

"Yes, we're escaping to Venice!"

"Yes, we're escaping to Venice-"

"-And we're going to get Penelope!"

I root with happiness in the back. "Yay!!"

Cody says, "Guys, Penelope is ready. She already snuck out the window and is in the front yard. She told me this right now." Jeffy replies, "Well, in that case, let's hurry up!" Jeffy speeds towards the house, and before we know it, Penelope is standing in the front yard. I'm not as charismatic as Junior or Cody for Penelope to be here, but it's okay. She begins walking towards the car, her black skirt, checkered vest, and black coat swaying in the chilly wind.

The door opens, and a blast hits our faces. "Sorry!" Penelope exclaims. "Well...I guess now I put my luggage in the trunk?" Jeffy says, "Yep! I'm opening it right now." The trunk opens. "Oh..." Penelope says. "It's full." Cody says, "Don't worry, Penelope. I can carry your luggage." Penelope smiles. "Thanks, Cody!" She scoots next to him, putting Cody in the middle, and me in the back-right seat, or what you can call it.

The entire ride to the airport, Penelope and Cody talk. And talk. And talk. Junior doesn't seem to mind, but I'm the one that has to deal with constant talking. Constant chatters and giggles. Annoying, I know. As soon as we pull up to the airport, Jeffy says, "All right, guys! Venice, and sexy girls, here we come!" We all unload out of the car and onto the sidewalk. Junior pulls me behind a bush and pulls out the briefcase.

"All right, Joseph, get in here," he instructs. I get in, and he closes the cover. "Can you hear me?" he asks from outside. "Uh, a little!" I say. "Good," Junior says. Later, we all begin walking, and I feel the vibrations of the stomps from inside the case. I hear the sound of a mechanical door closing, and more running. I hear the words, "Okay, guys! Let's just make a run for it! Penelope, for this next one, you'll be involved!"

Finally, the running stops. I hear Junior saying, "Okay, Joseph. Penelope will make a shortcut around the checkpoint with you and we'll just go through it. Penelope, take good care of Joseph." I hear a rustle, and then more running. From far away, I hear check-ins and check-outs. But mostly vibrations. Before soon, the vibrations stop again, and I hear, "That was close. They almost saw you, and they almost suspected us."

Then, the vibrations get lighter. Stops. Lighter again. Then we stop for a long time. I hear, "Joseph, if you can breathe, the flight's almost going to take off. You'll make it, I promise." It feels like I'm losing oxygen. "A-Ah..." I say. "Yes, I can." For the longest minutes ever, I try to catch a breath-any breath. I keep hearing, "Okay, guys. The plane's here and they're checking us in. Joseph, stay with us. Let's go."

I don't remember what Junior, Cody, Jeffy, and Penelope look like, but I do know that they surely don't look 13/14. (Well, with the exception of Jeffy.) I hear different noises, such as, "What is your passport?" and "Who are these people?" and "Did you already go to the checkpoint?" and luckily, no "What's in that briefcase?" Finally, the rustles start again, and the noise of walking on something metallic or steel.

I see a crack of light through the briefcase, and Junior helps me out. "There we go," he says. "You get under Penelope's coat, since you haven't really got anything much on to disguise yourself as an adult." Penelope opens her arm, revealing the rest of her vest. I duck under the coat, and it kinda smells sweaty. Probably from trying to dodge everything AND everyone back there. From under her arm, I look out the window.

The lights illuminated look straight out of a video game opening-probably Final Fantasy or something like that. We enter the flight, and as we walk into the aisle, Penelope lifts out her coat so I can free myself. There's three seats connected to the left and right walls-perfect. "Window seat!" Junior yells, and throws himself into the furthest blue seat, opening to the illuminated world-an illuminated town, filled with colors.

I guess that means Cody's middle. Eh, aisle is okay. I let Cody into the middle, and me last. Jeffy packs our suitcases-Junior's first, my briefcase second, and Cody's third. "Cody, I saw you took a blanket earlier. Want that now?" Jeffy asks. "Yep," Cody replies. Jeffy opens the suitcase and throws the white blanket at Cody. Cody gets the blanket so it fully covers him. "Ooh, Ken, as soon as we're miles into the starry sky, it would fit perfectly with some...dancing."

I don't think that's dancing...obviously not. I try to ignore Cody as best as I can. Jeffy's already finished with his and Penelope's suitcases. All of a sudden, the intercom goes on. "Hello! Welcome to the Incredibly Fast Airlines! We will be taking off in just a few minutes, but first, we should explain what might happen on this flight and safety rules." I roll my eyes. Though I've never heard it before, it already sounds annoying. 

When the intercom goes off, all the lights begin to dim. "Oooh, this is getting exciting," Cody says in anticipation. "Well, I'm going to bed," Penelope says. "Good night." Jeffy replies, "Suit yourself. I'm gonna play anime outros on my phone. And no one's going to stop me." The plane begins rumbling as it heads onto the runway. "Oooh, dude!" I squeal to Junior. "We're going so fast!" he says. Cody doesn't correct him this time. Thank god.

Slowly, the plane begins to speed up. This is it. This is the moment. Our flight to Venice starts here. 

It goes fast.

Very, very fast.

"Wow!" Junior exclaims.

I smile to myself.

Cody just smiles at Ken.

Jeffy begins singing an anime outro I'm too tired to remember, let alone sing along with. 

Penelope snores.

And the plane ascends into the sky. 

I sneek a peak at the window. The lighs below are getting smaller.

And my vision starts to dim...

Yet my heart is filled with hope.

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