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An SML fanfic-Chapter 3

An SML fanfic-Chapter 3

Posted October 19th, 2022 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in Texas

Chapter 3: Junior

I hear the vroom of a jet engine and the sun hitting my face. I slowly move my head up from its resting spot, only to realize we are in Venice. "What-" I stutter. "How-" I see Joseph waggling his finger at me. "Well, ain't named the 'Incredibly Fast Airlines' for nothing, huh?" he giggles. Cody slowly rises from his seat, his shirt uneven. "Cody, what happened?" I ask. Cody just says, in a REALLY suspicious way at that, "Oh...uh..."

The intercom goes off again. "Hello, passengers! As you can see, we have now arrived in Venice! Told you we'd be fast. We will be reaching the ground before soon." I hear Jeffy yell, "Aww! It's the end of my anime outro playlist! *Well, I guess singing Marukaite Chikyuu was worth it for a while." Next to Jeffy, Penelope raises her head and growls, "He sang that the WHOLE. DAMN. NIGHT." Jeffy yells, "Well, don't get mad that it's so CATCHY."

"Hey, guys!" Joseph consoles. "Chillax!" At the same time, we are getting closer to the ground. "BRACE!" I scream. We slam into the ground with a thud, causing Cody's blanket to fly into the air, along with Ken. "I got 'em!" Jeffy yells. He reaches his arm out for Ken, whilst the blanket falls into Penelope's lap. "AAAAGH!" she screams, and throws it back to Cody. "Here's Ken," Jeffy says, and passes him to Cody.

Jeffy rests in his seat and says, "Oh man...I can't wait to get some...sexy Italian girls..." Cody warns, "Well, let's see if YOU get to them first!" The bump didn't cause as much damage as I had expected-sure, a few items lay scattered on the floor, but nothing too big. All of a sudden, I see Joseph digging in his pocket. He pulls out a pin with a glass flower on it. "Hey, dude! This is the only memory I have of my old house! My mom gave it to me!"

I stare at it. "Nice...that's pretty." Cody exclaims, "Oh my god! That costs like, 6 thousand dollars on Ebay!" Joseph's eyes sparkle. "Really?!" Cody nods. "Yep!" Our happy mood remains until a few minutes later, we are exiting the plane. Jeffy puts away the speaker, whilst I get out Joseph's briefcase, my luggage, and Cody's luggage. Jeffy gets his own and Penelope's. Penelope slowly gets up, her coat now around her waist, her vest messy. 

Jeffy pushes up his helmet, and we all start shuffling out slowly. A Venice airport-wouldn't you know it-always bustling with people, because, you know, it's international. We walk for a while, until we reach what we think is the exit. "Oh, man, I can't believe we actually got away with this," I whisper to Cody. To my right, I see some boats. "Wanna take them?" I ask Penelope. She says, "No. Those cost money. Do we have money?"

I pull out 600 dollars from my suitcase. "Yep." Penelope's eyes widen. "Where did you get those?" I say, "Oh, I just sold my dad's candy from a box in his bedroom. He had enough to feed starving children in Africa, sooo I sold it to starving children in Africa. Right, Joseph? I did it on Tuesday." Joseph nods. Penelope thinks for a while until finally saying, "Ugh...oh my...we're still not going on those boats until later."

"Aww!" all of us-excluding Penelope-whimper.


Later, we walk into the part of Venice where it actually gets good. Like, gondolas, hotels, and people-good. We begin strolling near a restaurant. Penelope, Cody, and Joseph stay with me, whilst Jeffy tries to get some girls. I see him flirting with one of them, but I constantly warn him to keep up. All of a sudden, a flash runs across the area. It's so fast I can't see anything, but I can't even say how cold the air was as the flash came by.

"What was that?!" Cody asks. "I don't know, dude," Joseph says. "I'm just going to put my pin on for good luck."

Joseph digs through his pocket. 

I see his face fading slowly.

"My pin is gone!"

"What?!" I yell. I dig through both pockets, but he's right-it is gone. "Did that man steal it?" I ask. "Hey! Come back with the pin!!" I yell. Joseph's face falls. "It's no use screamin' for help now. My pin's gone..." Tears fill his eyes. "Hey, now, now!" I comfort. "It'll be okay!" Jeffy comforts, "Yeah! And you'll get a bunch of girls too!" Joseph begins crying, "I don't care about the girls. I just need that pin back...!"

I look at Cody with sadness. "Let's go to a restaurant. Maybe something will cheer us up." We walk into a restauraunt-the closest one we can find. It's nice, AND it's recently opened. Inside, it has a few flower pots, a wonderful scent, and a welcome sign. "Hello!" a man says with no accent. I think for a while. "I thought you had an accent." The man replies, "Oh, no. I just started here in Venice a few days ago. I was born in Texas."

"Well...Uh...we're just looking around," I say. I wander, looking at the sights and sounds. On the wall is a picture of the Rialto Bridge, water, and a flower pot. Underneath it reads,

"Welcome to the restaurant!

Have a great stay."

I find a newspaper on a desk. Immediately, I flip it open to the "crime" page, and see anyone new.

On it, is the man that looked like...

The man that went by Joseph.




*Michevious laughing.

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