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Something I wrote for nanowrimo, novel writing November. Chapter one.

Something I wrote for nanowrimo, novel writing November. Chapter one.

Posted January 21st, 2019 by GraceL

by Grace
in Auckland

This is more of a first draft than anything else. 




Susan leaned back in her seat, and gazed out the window. Fluffy grey clouds covered the ground like a carpet. She thought of all her friends, going to spend their holidays exotic places. Not her. She was going to stay with her great aunt Hannah. She wasn't quite sure what to expect, but knowing her parents it was probably boring.

“The plane will be landing shortly. Please return to your seat and ensure your seatbelts are fastened.”


Susan had been waiting at the airport for several hours now. Where on earth was great aunt Hannah?! Just as she was about to accept her fate of spending the rest of her life at the airport, she noticed a woman. The woman was wearing a suit and tie, and bright orange jandals. She was small and wrinkly, with short grey hair and dark sunken eyes. And she was coming closer. “Are you Susan?” she said. This must be aunt Hannah.

“Yes.” said Susan, rather sharply.

“Well then it’s time to go back to my house.”

About time


Susan got out of her aunts car. The apartment building looked like any other. A tall silver building with windows and balconies arranged in a grid pattern. She took her bag out of the boot of the car and walked into the building. They took the elevator to the 9th floor. There was Aunt Hannah’s apartment. It looked like any other apartment. There was a kitchen, a main room, a bathroom a master bedroom, and a smaller bedroom. Susan put her bag down on the smaller bed and walked out onto the balcony. Her stomach lurched at the drop to the ground. She went back inside. Aunt Hannah was sitting at the table. A tabby cat was sitting in front of her, watching Susan intently. It made her a little uncomfortable.

"Calm the heck down! It's just a cat!" she said to herself. After Susan had unpacked her things she began to read. The book wasn't very interesting, and she often glanced up. The cat was in her room. Always watching her. That made her very uncomfortable. Eventually Susan gave up on reading and texted her friend Sasha. No reply. Was she still her friend? Susan got tired of waiting, and stared at the ceiling. It was full of cracks. The cat was still watching her. Finally it left.


After dinner, the cat meowed to be let out. Aunt Hannah opened the door for him. Susan began to think. Some cats like to roam the streets, or their owners gardens if they have one. But where would an apartment cat go?

"Aunt Hannah" she said "Where is that cat going?"

"Old Percy is quite independant, he likes to roam."


"Percy can go where he pleases." That was all Susan could get.

It was the same the next night, and the night after that, and the night after that. Where was he going? Aunt Hannah wouldn't answer any of her questions.

Life here was growing more boring. They never did anything. The books she packed were not very interesting. None of her friends replied to her texts. Susan was resorting to doing her homework. She never thought it would come to that. One such night, she was doing her homework, when Aunt Hannah angrily stormed into her room.

"Mabel!" she said "I have reason to believe that you snuck out and spent my money on alcohol!"


"Don't play dumb with me Mabel!"

"No, I'm not Mabel, I'm Susan. Mabel is my Mum. I certainly didn't sneak out and steal your money."

"I'm not falling for that Mabel. I'm going to call your parents."

"Wait, no I'm-"

But aunt Hannah was already gone. Susan sat there in stunned shock. Her great aunts wild accusations reminded her of a story her Grandfather had told her about her Mother as a teenager. Well Susan certainly hadn't done anything of the sort! How dare aunt Hannah accuse her of things she hadn't done!

Susan got up and went out the door. She felt like going for a walk while she wallowed in her own anger. After all, aunt Hannah had never said that she wasn't allowed to leave, her aunts house wasn't prison.

There was the cat, going on it usual nighttime wandering. Susan decided to follow it.

First it wandered along the doormats of the houses on the same floor as them. Susan released that there must be other people in those rooms. Why hadn't she thought of that? Maybe she could talk to them to relive her boredom.

Percy was always turning around and looking at her, then making unexpected twists and turns, as though he was trying to lose her. The elevator opened, a businessman came out. Percy the cat slunk in. Curiously, Susan followed him. The businessman was in too much of a hurry to notice her. Percy looked around at her again. He meowed anxiously then did the most unexpected thing, he stood up on his hind paws, and pressed the button that lead to the fourth floor. The elevator dropped down, and the doors opened. The cat slunk out. Susan followed him. Percy tried to slink away into the darkness, taking a very windy course. Sometimes Susan almost lost him, but she always managed to catch up.

Finally Percy boarded another elevator, and went down to the first floor. Susan followed him out of the (thankfully empty) entrance room, and out into the night. Percy got up onto a fence. Susan walked along beside him. The he jumped off and slipped into a hole in the fence that was far too small for Susan to get through. She had failed.


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Suuusaaaaan, I hope she

Suuusaaaaan, I hope she catches that cat soon. ;u;

"Champion, I can take a beating, I'll rise again." - Barns Courtney

Posted by Unclever Re on Mon, 01/28/2019 - 05:49

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