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Songs, Chapter One (gay love story >v<)

Songs, Chapter One (gay love story >v<)

Posted February 29th, 2020 by katchyboo

by inprisonforsparkling
in Subcon Forest


Once upon a time... mmm, no, that's a bit cliche. Just- once, there was a world named Rilara. On it, many races and creature lived together in relative peace. Then, a new, powerful kind of sorcerer came out of the shadows. 

The Sirens.

They could seduce you with a glance, put you to sleep with a lullaby, and kill you with a song. Everyone was scared. Your best friend could've been one, and you'd never know. 

Unfortunately for the vast majority of that race, the Sirens who decided to show themselves had abused their powers in the worst kind of way. Sirens were hunted, captured... and executed. For the crime of being born with a magical voice. Those remaining went into hiding, often in plain sight. But as the years passed, more and more were caught until there were barely any left. At the time our story begins, it was widely believed that the Sirens were extinct.

This, of course, was a lie.

Taiko hummed to himself as he walked towards the inn, his tail twitching occasionally. He could hear the sound of drunks yelling and fighting. Oh well, he thought as he entered. It's not the worst I've seen.

'Hello, what can I do for you?' said the innkeeper in an exasperated tone. He glanced at Taiko. 'And don't flirt with me. I've had enough of that tonight.' He looked in his late teens, with jet black hair, pale skin, and something vaguely strange and elegant about the way he carried himself.

'Um, okay,' Taiko said, slightly flustered, even though he didn't know why. 'I'd like some dinner and a room for the night.' 

'Alright. That'll be a gold piece, if you please.' 

Taiko handed over the money and the innkeeper went into the kitchen area and out of sight. Who was that? Taiko thought, still gazing at the last spot he'd seen the strange young man. 

The innkeeper came back out of the kitchen room. 

'Here's your food and your room key,' he sighed, sinking into a chair just behind the counter.

'You look tired,' Taiko said. 

'I am, yes. I'm the only person who works here and I've been working dawn to dusk the whole week. Thank goodness tomorrow's my day off.'

'Oh Astra, that sounds hard.' 

'Yep.' The innkeeper nodded.

'So, uh... what's your name?' Taiko asked.

'Me?' Surprised, the innkeeper looked up. 'Oh. It's Raen. You?'

'Taiko,' he muttered, blushing slightly. W-why am I... doing that...? he thought. 'Um, it's getting late, I should go to bed.'

'Alright...? Goodnight.'

 For anyone who's confused, Taiko is a Nekojin (cat-person).




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