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Songs, Chapter Two (boy x boy)

Songs, Chapter Two (boy x boy)

Posted March 28th, 2020 by katchyboo

by IllegalSparkles
in The Dungeons

Aaand I did it again, Raen sighed inwardly. He thinks he's in love with me. Why do I have to be able to do that, of all things?

'BARMAN!' shouted a loud woman from the other side of the bar, clapping her hands twice. Raen jumped in his chair at the sudden noise, then got up and went over to the table the woman was sitting at.

'Yes, what can I do for you?' he said exasperatedly.

'A glass of sherry, thank you. And make it quick!'

'Yes, ma'am,' he said stiffly, then added under his breath: 'I am your personal slave, after all.'

'What was that?' the woman snapped.

'Nothing, ma'am,' he sighed, walking back towards the bar. He poured the glass of sherry and carried it back to the woman's table. She took a sip.

'This is disgusting,' she said, screwing up her face. 'Can't you do any better?'

'Ma'am, if you're only here to criticize the drinks, then I must ask you to leave.' Raen said in a would-be calm voice. 

She spluttered. 'I expect to be served at least adequate beverages-'

'-and most people don't complain about the quality. You, however, are obviously used to being treated like a queen-'

'Excuse me!'

'I'm not done yet, Madam.' Raen snapped, his eyes flashing with a dangerous glint, then he continued his rant. 'You are obviously used to being treated like a queen. You need to figure out not everything is about you, because it. Isn't.' The regulars at the tavern could tell Raen was reaching the end of his patience. 

'I- er, well-'

'Either finish the drink or leave. Thank you.'

'Well- alright, then. T-thank you, barman.'

'It was no trouble, really,' he said, though his glaring expression signalled the opposite. The woman quickly drank the sherry and fumbled with her bags for a moment, before running out of the tavern. Raen went back to the bar and rapped loudly on the wood three times. 'Now, could everyone who's not staying tonight please get ready to leave?' There was a murmur of general affirmations, and everyone finished whatever they were doing and left the tavern.

Raen can get... angry, sometimes.


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