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A Soul's Petal ~ Chapter 5 ~ Apart

A Soul's Petal ~ Chapter 5 ~ Apart

Posted August 10th, 2017 by Syafai

by Infectiønz
in the milky way.


Chapter 5


   By the time the girls walked out of the library, everything looked different. Nothing was old and abandoned. It was a bright cloudless morning in a small town. They saw something floating in the sky. It was a blimp, and it had a long banner with bold text that read, “Crystalgate Sharks Football”.


  “What’s ‘football’?” Luna questioned. It looked like she expected Alice to answer.


  “I have no idea,” Alice said.


   From out of nowhere, Ariel’s voice spoke, “It’s a sport that the people of this city play.”


 “Oh,” the girls said. They walked a bit further from the library and found a diner called “Frosty’s”. They went inside and they immediately felt something in their pocket. It was a green paper, and it had a face. They’ve seen something like this before, but it had a different number. The number on these papers were ten and twenty. They saw people keeping this in small purses, and trading them for the food here. Looked and listened around to find out what these were called. They heard a small conversation.


 “That’s $16.95 please,”  a woman said to two people.


“How much money do you got?” one of the two said to the other.


“20 bucks,” the person said.




 The other gave a green paper with the number 20 on it. Now they know that this is used for trading, and is called money. They looked at the food there and it didn’t seem like all of the people enjoyed it here. A few people enjoyed the food, others were upset they spent their money for their food. After they got out, they saw people calling taxi drivers and a car soon came to take them where they needed to go. The people payed money to go to the places.


  A newspaper flew onto Luna’s face that read about a park called “Crystal Park”. It was an old newspaper, about a year old. It read about redesigning the playground. They went inside a phone box and a piece of metal that was square-shaped read phone numbers for the police, a hospital, the nearest vet, and other phone numbers including taxi service. Alice put in a one dollar bill she picked from her pocket and got some change and called the taxi service.


 A bit later, a taxi car came and when they got in, they asked to go to Crystal Park and payed the driver. By the time they got there, they looked at each other and raced to the water fountain. Luna got there first, and Alice had to drink from the small one. They felt so relaxed. They both walked to a bench and sat down.


“I feel alive,” Luna said.


“Heh,” Alice chuckled, “It’s sad though, we’ve never got to live to the truth.”


“Don’t rub it in,” Luna sighed.


“What?” asked Alice, “Our own sister possessed us. We never saw what was real.”


“The guy who gave us some stuff for our oh, great, homelessness was probably real, though,” Luna said.


 “Yeah, whatever, but we dealt with fake problems. Fake solutions, most of everything we thought since we learned what we needed to live was fake after Ivy killed Ariel and started taking care of us,” Alice said.


 Luna sighed. ‘She’s right, most of everything we’ve been living was fake,’ she thought.


“Don’t worry though, we have Ariel,” Alice said.


“And what does Ariel want us to do now?” Luna said, expecting Ariel’s voice to pop up out of nowhere saying the answer. Alice did the same. They waited for about a minute then gave up. They sighed. They didn’t have anything to do.


“Go,” Alice said.



“Go, go find something to do, look for a toad or something and play with him or her. Or maybe find a rabbit and play with it?” Alice said. Luna ran off of the bench with a bright look on her face and gathered a bunch of fallen leaves on the grass. “Luna?”


She started climbing the tree until she reached the top. She spreaded her arms out and took a deep breath. “Luna!” Alice yelled.


Alice ran to her, but was too late. Luna had taken her leap of faith. Alice screamed her name again. She fell in the leaves. Alice dug her out and Luna was filled with laughter.


“What do you think I was going to do?” Luna giggled.  


“Don’t scare me like that!” Alice sighed. “I never noticed you put leaves on the grass to prevent you from injury, I thought you’d die.”

“Fine, I was just trying to have fun,” Luna said.


“Now you’re just being annoying,” Alice said.


“Now you’re just being mean,” Luna said.


“You still are being annoying,” Alice stated, “stop it.”




“You know what, you can go on your own, I’d do better myself,” Alice said.




“Go. Now.”


“Fine,” Luna sniffed, she was pretty sad, but she didn’t want to let it out. She knew that she was doing something wrong. She sighed.

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