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Speechless - Chapter 2 (OLIVER POV)

Speechless - Chapter 2 (OLIVER POV)

Posted May 12th, 2023 by Not_Jello

by Bo
in Inverclyde

I'm not sure why that girl came and helped me.

   I'm weak, I don't deserve help.

   She should have just let them kill me.

   Would they have killed me?

   I don't know. It doesn't hurt anymore.

   I think these as I walk away from the nurse's office. I haven't said a word all day, of course. That's part of the reason people bully me. You'd think they would like people who are mysterious, but when it comes to the skinny transgender boy with an uncaring, bitchy mum, they suddenly wish death upon me.

   When I say I'm skinny, I mean all my clothes are baggy and even an XS is almost too big for me. And I'm fairly tall, as well. I don't like food, that's the problem. Mum always tells me off for not eating my dinner, and then I get beat because I didn't eat anything at all the next day. All she does is just whine, whine, whine, complain, whinge, other synonyms for whine.

   Despite the fragility of my body, I have never properly broken a bone. A few fractures, sure, but never a proper snap or break. It's kind of weird. But every time I went to the hospital they weighed me, I'm not sure why. I got told I was unhealthily underweight, and that I needed to eat more. I told the doctors I didn't want to eat, and that's how I ended up having to be force fed by my mum, then she just forgot about it and started once again pretending I didn't exist, getting drunk and beating my ass.

   It's not much different at home than it is at school, but unfortunately I'm used to it.

   The girl that helped me had puffy dark brown hair, blue eyes and tan skin. I also have blue eyes, but I bleached my hair into oblivion and put some baby blue on the ends, then mum got wine on my hair and it now has a reddish tint no matter how many times I wash it. Also, adding onto my point, I'm pale as shit. "This is your fault, you stupid little shit!" my mum yelled after she got her wine on my hair. I would apologise and head up to my room before things escalated.

   My mum is mercilessly religious, and pushes her views onto anyone she can. Like those people I sometimes see in those YouTube comment sections saying "Repent!" or "Luke, I am your father, Darth Vader 7:38" or something. I don't actually believe in God, so I only pretend to read the bible when mum tells me to. If I did, I'd probably have the whole thing memorised by now.

   I sit down in my classroom. Please, for the love of God do not let the teacher call on me.

   I hear the blaring of the tannoy, heading through the whole school. The head teacher is speaking through it. "Can Jackson Garcia..." Oh shit. "Julian Fynn, Milo Louis, Oliver Browne and Frances May please come to the office immediately." OH SHIT.

   I've never heard of a Frances May.

   Maybe she was the one that "helped" me.

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I like this a lot! It's well

I like this a lot! It's well written in my opinion!

There is a lot we don't know. Some would say we know enough. Others, like me, would say that we should strive to learn as much as we possibly can. -Me, 2023

Posted by Connor on Fri, 05/12/2023 - 07:28

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