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that story about kids ruling the world - needs title - i'm finally posting this -not really a chapter, but what i have so far

that story about kids ruling the world - needs title - i'm finally posting this -not really a chapter, but what i have so far

Posted January 18th, 2019 by Werty

by indygoes (kayla)
in the small area where the corgis burn the lettuce

A/N: THis is the thing I cannot stop talking about in the forums.  Thank you to Snow for being so invested in my characters!  Have fun!



Alice sat up and stretched her legs.  Today was the big meeting, and she had to represent America.  She called Brite and Tom again. They were the two leaders of America.  She was their representative.


“You’ll be fine,” Tom assured her.  “Just stick to your notes.”


“Yeah,” agreed Brite.  “I was representative once, and it’s actually quite fun.  Say hi to Jeanne for me. She’s been representing France for so long, she’s going to be an adult next year!”


“I will,” noted Alice.  “I feel bad for her. I never want to have to retire!”


“We all do someday, Alice.  In fact, I’m only 13, but Brite over here is 15!” Tom laughed.  Brite sighed.


“Anyway, you’ll do great.  Just remember, no one will be calling you ‘Alice’ there.  You are called by your country’s name.” Added Brite.


“Got it!” Alice hung up, feeling slightly more prepared.  She put on her outfit and her pin with America’s flag. In tiny letters, it still said ‘Brite Hansden’.  Alice pulled her long brown hair into a formal bun. She checked her watch. 7:15. It was almost time to leave.


“You ready for your meeting today?” Called her mom.  Her mom used to be one of America’s leaders, years and years ago.  She’s still famous. Alice nodded and hopped into the car. As they drove away, Alice checked the America group chat and watched it explode with good luck messages.  Thanks! Is all she replied.  She turned off her phone, feeling nervous.  Maybe she could ask Jeanne— no, France— for advice.  But when they got there, too much was going on.


“Hi!” France waved her over to go sit with her and England.  


“So you are the new United States— or should I just say America?” Asked Australia, sitting with them.


“Yeah, pretty much.” Alice replied.  “I’m pretty excited.”


“How is Brite?” Asked France.


“Good,” Alice replied.  “I can’t believe you are going to retire soon!  How old are you?”


“Seventeen.” Replied France.  “I can’t believe it either. I love my job.  I don’t want to retire.” Suddenly, a bell rang and everyone got up and found their seats.  Alice had to look for a while until Canada gestured to a spot next to him. She took the seat with a wave.


“I volunteer to go first sharing the information provided.” Stated Russia, standing up.  He begun talking about issues here or there, possible deals, what not. Alice listened carefully.  She was advised to take notes by Brite, so she jotted down a couple of things. Sitting next to Russia was Finland, who stood and shared news on her country.  They, very slowly, went around the circle. In order to get to all 195 people, this meeting would take place over several days.


When lunchtime came around, just after Egypt shared, Alice stood up and followed the other North American countries to their own buffay room.  There were different foods for the different countries. Sitting down next to Canada, Alice ate quietly, discussing here or there. Mexico glanced over.


“You can come and sit with us,” Alice offered.  Mexico looked grateful and sat down next to Canada.  The three kids chatted for a while while they ate, until an adult in a black suit came in and told the North American countries that they had to go back to the meeting.  Alice sighed and put her plate were the dirty plates were. Canada followed suit and they trudged out the door.


“It was so weird for me,” said Australia.  “I got to eat with the Asian countries. They were nice.”  Alice nodded.



On the third day, it was Alice’s turn to share.  She stood up and talked for awhile. She watched everyone jot down notes here and there, and felt proud that what she said was important.


“One question.”  Said Canada when she had finished.  “You mentioned a possible issue on the border concerning a thief heading up north from Maine.  What are the exact dangers in this scenario, and what should we prepare for? It would have been useful to hear this in your speech.”  Alice turned red. She felt all eyes on her as she tried to cover up her mistake.


“Well, he is armed with a knife.  He’s a con artist- sure to be able to partially trick your police if you don’t come prepared.  Here’s a photo, and you can have your leaders post this everywhere. We’re not concerned that he’s crossed the border yet, and probably won’t for at least another two weeks.”  She rubbed her hands on her pants. Everyone looked impressed. Did she really handle the situation that well?


“You were a natural!” England came running over to high five Alice after that day’s meeting.  “The name’s Harper, by the way. Yours?”


“Alice.” Alice followed Harper to where the rest of the group who hung out when they had first arrived was sitting, on one of the stone steps leading to the hotel.

“Oh hi, America!” Called Jeanne, making room for her.


“Hi, Jeanne.  My name is Alice, by the way.”  Alice said, making her way over to sit next to someone she hadn’t met.  The girl spun around to greet her.


“I’m Portugal, but you can call me Isabel.” She said with a smile.  Alice nodded.


“My name is Alice.”  A boy on the other side of her turned his head when he heard her speak.


“That’s Spain, AKA Juan.  He’s my brother.” Isabel told her.  Juan laughed.


“Your cooler brother, thank you.” He said, reaching over to mess up her her hair vigorously.


“Hey!  Cut that out!” Isabel cried, slapping his hand away from her head.  “He can’t stand that my IQ is higher than his, and that I moved up to his grade level, so when we see each other, he’s always giving me a hard time."


“When you see each other?  Oh!” It became clear to Alice what she meant.  She and Juan were representatives for different countries- there was no way that they lived together.  


“Yeah.  I live with Mom in Portugal, and he lives with Dad in Spain.  But, we both live relatively close to the border, between us, so we see each other quite a lot.  We don’t go to the same school yet, but after this summer, we’re both moving to one just on my side of the border.  He’s not excited.” Isabel smiled. Alice laughed. Isabel was clearly younger than her by at least a year, but she was smart, and surprisingly relatable.  Alice herself had no older siblings, but Tom sure acted like one, and it was enough to drive a girl crazy. Canada came walking up to the hotel, and Alice marched up to greet him.


"Hi, Canada!  My real name is Alice.” She said, walking beside him to the steps where everyone sat.  


“Hey, mine’s Camden.  Canada’s leaders are always making fun of me because my name sounds like ‘Canada.’” He said with a smile.


“Haha, one of my leaders does that too!” She laughed louder than she thought she would.


“That’s people for you.” The two of them walked up to the steps and Camden found a spot above where Alice was sitting earlier.  


“What are you all doing out here?  Go into your rooms!” A man with a thick German accent ushered them all inside the hotel.  Of course, once inside, they all just sat around and talked like they had been before.





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smol cc: "buffay" is spelled

smol cc: "buffay" is spelled "buffet" like jimmy and warren's last name

This is fun!! I like this way of ruling the world. Kids bein' nice is fun to see. I liked how carefully Alice watched the reactions of everyone else in the room. I know this is a diplomatic meeting and others' reactions are extremely important anyhow, but it was a great illustration of how insecure she is since this is her first day. 


Spero quod via tua est directa et quod tuum onus est levis.

Posted by *Snow* on Fri, 01/18/2019 - 22:49
This kind of reminds me of

This kind of reminds me of Hetalia, an anime where countries are personified. I don't know if you got your initial idea for this from Hetalia, but either way it's a good concept. I think it's great that at your age, you are showing interest in politics. I might be getting a bit ahead of myself, but perhaps you can observe how politics work both nationally and internationally, and incorporate that into your writing! Or if you think there's something wrong with the system that shouldn't be like so, you can also take it upon yourself to write something even better into the story.

Here's a quick question for you to consider: Are they all fluent in English? Is it practical to assume that? Would translators be necessary? I'd love to see this come up sometime in the story. I think writing this gives you a lot of opportunities to learn, both about politics/governments and how they work, and also about other countries! Good luck!

Posted by echo (*Jill*) on Sat, 01/19/2019 - 08:00

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