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The Story of Smithsonite (Steven Universe Fanfic) | Chapter 1 :: Dude, it's 2017 |

The Story of Smithsonite (Steven Universe Fanfic) | Chapter 1 :: Dude, it's 2017 |

Posted February 9th, 2017 by Syafai

by sytisfaction ;)
in my room organizing my sock monkey collection


Pearl steps her tiny feet making little footprints on the breezy sand. Her memories flood back from thousands of years ago, and she just remembered it like it was yesterday. She began to cry, then collapsed onto the sand. Little did she know, Amethyst was hiding behind a rock, checking on what Pearl was doing. Amethyst had morphed into a penguin, because why not?


"Aye, 'what up girly Pearly?" Amethyst asked, she felt accomplished because she came up with a new nickname for Pearl. Pearl sniffed and rubbed her eyes. It took Pearl a moment to speak to the purple fat Rapunzel.



"You wouldn't understand," Pearl said. "It was during the Rebellion, you weren't made that long ago."


"Dude, it's 2017," Amethyst said. "You shouldn't be caring about stuff that happened six thousand years ago."  


Pearl just shook her head. "Follow me, we're going on the warp pad."


 When they went to the warp pad, they warped into a small dome, which had a tree, and a story. At the end of the story, it showed Pearl, with her spear, stabbed right into Smithsonite’s back.


 “Pearl… you’re a monster!!” Amethyst shouted. “Who is that gem anyways?”

 “Smithsonite. We were really good friends, and we both know deeply, it was an accident.”


 “Pearl… it’s fine, girl, it doesn’t show in the story that you shattered her,” Amethyst stated.


 “If I shattered her, what if it won’t show in the story? It only shows her life story, and I shattered her after it ended,” said Pearl.


 “Peaaarrlll, what did I say before?” Amethyst asked. Pearl remembered, seems like she didn’t pay attention. She smiled, stared at Amethyst for a while then they both walked back to the warp pad.

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