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Stranded 2 - Chapter 2 - Leaving

Stranded 2 - Chapter 2 - Leaving

Posted September 23rd, 2021 by Not_Jello

by Tyrone
in No

'Sheesh... Well that was a lot more people than expected.' Melanie said as she gave herself arthritis fidgeted with her hands. 5 more people stood in front of Quinn, Melanie

and Destiny. The 5 peoples names were Charlie, Chris, Liam, Brooke and Blake. Charlie had black hair which was in a ponytail and she had Emerald green eyes. Her shirt

was tucked into her skirt and she was wearing a red cardigan. Chris had dark brown curly hair and dark brown eyes and wore a black adidas hoodie over his red jumper and

white polo shirt, he also wore black trousers. Liam had red hair and glasses, he wore a red hoodie that had the school logo on it, with trousers similar to Chris'. Brooke had

long light brown hair and wore long knee-high socks that had fallen down near her ankles and she wore a skirt that fell down to her knees and a red jumper with the school

logo, similar to Liam's. Blake had short, strawberry blonde hair and diamond blue eyes that glistened in the light. They wore grey shorts and a button up shirt with a red


      'Soooo.... are we gonna go to my place and get the boat and leave?' Destiny asked. Everyone nodded. 'Let's go!'

       Chris and Liam were whispering and laughing their heads off. 'What are you two laughing about?' Blake asked. They raised one eyebrow and crossed their arms.

       'Nothing.' Chris said. 'We were just saying funny stuff to each other.

        They arrived at the seaside at a house with a boat. They all gasped in amazement. 'Destiny, this is so cool!' Brooke gasped. Charlie nodded in agreement. 'Not even

my pa could afford this, and he has a lot of money!' Brooke said.

         'Rich kids, am I right?' Blake whispered to Destiny. Destiny nodded.

         'All right, let's get on!' Destiny shouted as they all got on the boat.


Chapter 3 coming soon I guess.

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