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Stranded 2 - Chapter 3 - Two Traitors, One Island, Six Innocents

Stranded 2 - Chapter 3 - Two Traitors, One Island, Six Innocents

Posted September 23rd, 2021 by Not_Jello

by Tyrone
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Melanie, Brooke, Blake, Destiny, Quinn, Chris, Liam and Charlie set off on the boat, searching for the island. 'Hey, Mel?' Quinn tapped Melanies shoulder. Melanie nodded.

'There's like... errrr... a rock, like, straight ahead, right there.' She pointed to a rock that was really big, not big enough to be a boulder but big enough to be a risk. Melanie's

eyes widened as she started screaming.

    Destiny was at the front of the boat, trying to turn the boat. 'IT'S NOT TURNING GUYS, IT'S NOT TURNING! GAH! EVERYONE BRACE YOURSELVES! IT'S GONNA BE

QUITE A CRASH!' Destiny yelled. She held her head and everyone was screaming, including Destiny. Blake was quite calm, but still yelling.

    'Calm down! I know we're all terrified! I'm scared too, but if we-' Blake was interrupted by a shake and the boat somehow flew through the water and fell apart. Everyone was

unconcious by the time they had arrived at the island with a boat thats peices were floating through the sea.

     Around 10 minutes later Destiny, Quinn and Brooke had gained conciousness. 'My head hurts really bad....' Brooke uttered. Her socks were ripped and her shoes had lots of

sand and holes in them. Her shirt was ripped and her hair was messy. Destiny had lots of scratches on her arms and legs. Quinn groaned, her shirt was covered in water and

sand, same with her skirt. Her clothes were torn.

     'I think we're- at.. the island...' Destiny said. 'I brought a first-aid kit in case something bad happened... it might still be in the boat-' Destiny spotted the first-aid kit and limped 

over to it. Brooke lied down on the sand. 'Here it is!' Destiny announced as she started checking everyone for cuts or scratches. Most people only had minor scratches, but

Melanie had a few bad cuts. Destiny patched everyone up. 'That should do it.' She said. Suddenly everyones phone got a message. '2 Traitors, 6 innocents.'

     Melanie woke up suddenly. She heard the notification and checked her phone in confusion. 'What the heck? Two traitors, six innocents? What does that mean...?' Brooke


     'I dunno, but I don't wanna find out, to be honest.' Brooke said. Quinn suddenly realised that there was no food or water. 'Also, where would we sleep?' Said Brooke.




I have motivation'nt so I'll make chapter 4 tomorrow I guess.

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"I'll make chapter 4

"I'll make chapter 4 tomorrow" Famous last words

Posted by Flower on Mon, 01/24/2022 - 04:11

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