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Stranded - Kyle and Olivia

Stranded - Kyle and Olivia

Posted March 16th, 2022 by Not_Jello

by Kenny
in No

Olivia looked at the smart, slightly strange boy next to her, observing how his hand moved as he wrote the numbers for his maths, "Kyle, can I copy your maths, I'm not really good at it, please?" She begged, though being completely capable of doing the maths herself, she still wanted to copy Kyle, he may be stupid when you first meet him, but he's the best at maths in the class, possibly the best in the entire school.

   Kyle shook his head, his short, dark brown hair moving with his head. "No can do, beautiful. We all know you're the second best at maths in the class, so you're clearly capable of doing the maths yourself, you not being very good at maths is clearly a lie," he replied. Olivia groaned. "Pfft, you're pretty when you're mad," Kyle joked.

   "Idiot," Olivia mumbled under her breath. She and Kyle had known eachother since primary school, at first Olivia wasn't very keen of Kyle, but over the years they had grown closer and Olivia had gotten more used to Kyle and his strange antics. As for Kyle, he had always really liked Olivia. Olivia looked at the side of Kyles bag and saw a piece of paper, which looked old, like the page of perhaps an old book, or a burnt piece of paper, it was a shade of light brown that looked a bit orange at the same time. "Kyle, what's that in the side of your bag, right there?" She pointed to the side pocket of the Mike brand bag.

   Kyle looked at the piece of paper, trying to remember where he had gotten it. "It's, umm, oh, yes, a map. I found it before lunch ended, outside," he explained. Olivia nodded and forgot she was in class. She became more curious about the map and where it lead, or what was even on it. Just as she began to focus on the piece of paper Kyle reminded her that she was in maths class and was supposed to be focusing on the teacher. "Oy, don't get too curious, you need to do the work," he said jokingly, and half seriously. "If you're that curious we can follow it and get a few other people to join us so we aren't lonely."

   Olivia shrugged and began to try and catch up with the maths. Crap, I'm so far behind on the work, I should've been focusing! She thought and groaned under her breath.


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