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A sudden bitter surprise

A sudden bitter surprise

Posted July 26th, 2017 by mischief

by Lioness
in Mars.

Is this spamming? 

A Sudden Bitter Suprise

Pain, rejection, biterness all of this I thought I was over with. But she had to show up. I almost forgot about her not wanting me, but no..Here's how it went. We arived at the restaurant and met a pretty middle aged lady. At first sight of me she walked up grabbed me in a bear hug and.....kissed me. I've never been kissed. I was stunned, not over the kiss but just that a random lady I had no idea was would-would....do that! Anyways she was a lot shotter then me and had to reach up to to... kiss me. I wouldn't of thought anything about it if she hadn't said thing.

" Who are you"? I asked

Smirking she relyped " Your mother". 

" No, your not. Mrs. Mandy is".

" I wonder if I should of told your uncle to teach your manners". To my surprise mom and dad took it fine . They acted like nothing happened.Everyone, excluding me had a blast.  I won't ever ever ever live with my birth mom. I hate her with every inch of my heart. I won't ever love her. I can't believe it, she has a complete different family. Your proable wondering, ok why does he hate is mom so much? It has to do with her not wanting me. She wouldn't even look at me when I was born. The doc's said I was retarted. Yeah, well I make straight A's doctor's! Anyways even if I was retarted I'm still her son, arn't I? I have no idea if I have any real brother's or sister's. I guss I'll never know. You know what, I don't care! 





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