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Sun, Moon, and Sky

Sun, Moon, and Sky

Posted April 13th, 2019 by SilverMoon

by Ens
in timately acquainted with the void

Hello all. I've posted four of the snippets for this story concept before, I'm posting the edited versions of those four as well as one new one! The description of the concept is (vaguely) as follows (it's really still early in the developing stages I just like to write these snippets to get a feel for characters): "A young magician named Morrigan arrives in a foreign land in search of new power and an old friend; a sunny young man named Koen arrives in the same place during the course of his travel of the countries surrounding his homeland. A native scholar named Tihomir had settled into his ordinary, everyday routine-- until now. Three individuals whose stories were already, unbeknownst to them, hopelessly intertwined had all come to be on the same city, and the gears were turning to begin a long journey of history in the making." This particular snippet is a conversation between Morr and Tihomir.

"A double new moon tonight," Morrigan breathed into the silence from her position at the edge of their campsite, face turned away and the firelight only just illuminating her frame. 


"The stars, too, seem to have left us for tonight," he agreed, simply playing along. 


She tilted her head to glance back at the fire, and for a moment ghosts danced in the whites of her eyes. "The stars are the first to go," she continued. She sounded as far away as the stars she described, distant and detached words hanging in the air between them. "They are already so small and far and out of reach, though still they are so appreciated. But they will all fade into black and one day there will no longer be stars in the night sky. Our moons, too, will eventually become nothing. The sun will burn out. All that is left, in the end, is the ever-blackening sky."


Tihomir considered her a long moment. "That seems like an awfully lonely way to look at things," he replied. 


"Perhaps the sky is lonely," she proposed, spreading her fingers as she raised a hand towards the heavens. "That sky which watches the sun and moons follow each other in a dance of life that it is not, cannot be a part of, knowing that someday it will no longer have even that privilege."


"A sun, perhaps fleeting to an endless sky, becomes a moon's entire life. It illuminates it, dictates its mood. And when its sun burns out, so shall a moon burn," he commented. 


"Do you see the sun as such?" she asked him, gazing out into the night.


His eyes flitted across to the figure of the boy sleeping next to him, whose golden hair glowed in the light of the flames. "I do,” he maintained. “The sun is life and illumination. If it ends in fire, so be it. A little time in the sunshine is worth more than most would appreciate." His stare lingered languidly on the other boy before his eyes slid shut. "Wake me in a few hours, Morrigan," he reminded her before he could drift off. "You need sleep as well."


"At night one can't see the sun," was all she said, still staring at the blackness around them as though she had forgotten all about the moon and the constellations, and about the blue and orange of the day.


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Wow....that's one way of

Wow....that's one way of seeing it. Great job!

Posted by Cherith on Sat, 04/13/2019 - 18:42
Thank you! {i want to prove

Thank you!

{i want to prove that we aren't smoldering in this small world.}

Posted by Ens on Sun, 04/14/2019 - 11:06
 Very creative! LoL I

 Very creative! LoL I didn't mean to make 2

Posted by mischief on Sat, 04/13/2019 - 18:44
I always love when you put

I always love when you put stuff up about this story because of the nature of the conversations. Morrigan especially is darkly philosophical and I love it so much. 

Maybe this story wants to be a play. Do you think it would be good onstage? Or is that out of the question? The strength of this story-or at least, the parts you feel like sharing-often include conversations like these. 


Spero quod via tua est directa et quod tuum onus est levis.

Posted by *Snow* on Thu, 04/25/2019 - 21:45

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