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The Super Cliche, Overused, Painfully obvious plot that we all know how will turn out: Chapter 2 (Please put some CC!)

The Super Cliche, Overused, Painfully obvious plot that we all know how will turn out: Chapter 2 (Please put some CC!)

Posted May 17th, 2023 by BohemianRhapsod...

by Melted Connor
in Utah

Now, as you know, everyone hated Marty Sue- Well, why did they? Well, I was going to answer that, so could you, maybe, I don't know, PLEASE SHUT UP while I explain why everyone hated him? Okay, fine, you win... Anyways, everyone hated Marty Sue because he was perfect. Wait... why is being perfect bad? I TOLD you to SHUT UP!  Well, he was perfect not in the always-do-nice-things-to-everyone-and-never-do-anything-wrong, he was the always-be-a-master-at-everything-he-does-and-then-brag-about-it sort of perfect, where if you played Monopoly against him, then he would bankrupt you, then brag about how good he is to you and to everyone else. That was when you wanted to punch him in the face, but the so-called 'Prophet' never said anything against punching the 'Chosen One' so you would go up to him, and try to punch him when he would say something along the lines of, "I'm the Chosen One, you can't punch me" in an annoying, spoiled three-year-old, spoiled jerk who won't get his way, sort of manner that you would have to hear to appreciate (or, you know, hate,) how terrible and stupid his voice was. In other words, you didn't want to do anything with him. 

And none of the townsfolk did- for a different reason. 

As you could have possibly guessed, the townsfolk were superstitious, and they believed the so-called 'Chosen One' was of more importance than themselves, which, frankly, believing yourself to be lower than another human being, who lives in the same town, who is also a complete jerk and idiot, is probably a pretty bad aspect of life. Especially if you're willing to lay it down for them. They never did anything with Marty, so he could never hone his infinite skill, because everyone thought that he was higher than them, and they weren't worthy to do anything with him, which was probably good in the long run, as he had been the 'Chosen One' for just over a decade at this point, and everyone was waiting for the dragon to come, so that Marty could slay it. 

But even though no one did anything with him, he continued to brag about his 'Chosen One' title for hours on end, telling everyone to obey orders, because he was the 'Chosen One,' and that they must give him money donations, that he would probably blow on Marijuana, because being the 'Chosen One' meant that you were above the law, and the police couldn't catch him, which lead to obvious consequences of everyone hating him for one reason or another. The people, because he was annoying and their pockets were empy because of him, the police because they could never catch him, the people addicted to Marijuana because they couldn't get their pot, and soon, the only person left who liked him was the drug dealer, because he got lots of money. And he hated him too for robbing him of all his other customers. 

But they never once tried to do anything to him. They all thought he was the 'Chosen One.'

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