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Posted December 22nd, 2018 by TCGuest

by Rambouten101
in Hawaii(I can dream, right?)

I grew up in a universe of supernovas
A universe where cosmos swirled to form images and stories
I grew up in a universe where stars could float in the blood of a human girl
Where those stars could explode and die out
But I grew up in a world where the stars were out of my reach,
A world where I wasn't allowed to blur the sky with my fingertips,
Where I wasn't able to mount a shooting star
And ride it through the heavens
I grew up in a country where the stars lived on our flags,
A country where anyone could do anything
Where I could paint the night sky
And smudge the lines to show what I wanted to be seen
But I grew up in a house where the stars were outshined by the lights,
A house where our own bodies were too small to fill up the space
So we filled it with noise instead
And our shouts were louder than our laughs
You know,
I'm familiar with ink blots
What does this look like, a bird or a person?
A teardrop. It looks like a teardrop.
But inkblots don't define me, 
And I won't let them put me in some box
Just because I see a tear when everyone else sees a dove
You know, 
My house was also filled with words
Words like- 
I'd rather not repeat them
But they'd tell us who we were,
What we meant
They'd define us.
They made us.
But it was okay,
Because I could fill my mind
With stories of constellations and lands I'd never see
With stories of...
I had an entire universe around me.
How could I not go out and explore it?
But there came a time when the infinities were too much,
When the supernovas in my blood became black holes
Threatening to swallow me whole if I didn't let the blood spill
You know,
My house was also filled with weapons
Be it words or shouts or blades
But they were all sharp,
Sharp enough to slice open wrists
And send universes spilling out
Forming lines-
between constellations of freckles.
You know,
if there is a god,
I'd like to believe it resides in the comets
In the rings of Saturn
in the Earth's axis and the colors of exploding stars
I'd like to believe it wanted us to look to the nebulae,
To the Fermi bubbles, 
To the way planets orbit towards black holes,
And how comets hurtle through space just to shatter upon impact
Because what else do we learn from stars except how to die?
They go out in a bang,
an explosive finale, rather than
fading from view
So what does that mean for me, 
A girl with galaxies in her blood 
And constellations on her wrist?
I think I'd rather explode,
Burn out,
than fade into a color scheme of gray
they don't define me
But maybe how I end does
I grew up in a universe of supernovas
A universe where stars could explode,
Where my blood could contain galaxies
And skin could tell the stories of a girl
Through its constellations
And that girl won't be put into a box because of what she sees,
Because of what she's been called.
I'll explode before I fade out.

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Wow this is really profound

Wow this is really profound and beautiful. Are you okay?

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Posted by fa la la la la ... on Sun, 12/23/2018 - 12:22
I agree, this is really

I agree, this is really moving and thought-provoking.

That is one of the hardest skills a poet can manage to do effectively, and I think you have really written this poem well.

PS: Please can you read my War poem, I would like some cc if possible! :)


"I couldn't find a good quote from anyone, so I decided to make an inspiring one myself. I think I've failed at that." Arnav (me)

Posted by Arnav on Tue, 12/25/2018 - 10:52

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