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Surviving the Undead. Chapter 3, and 4

Surviving the Undead. Chapter 3, and 4

Posted June 18th, 2019 by Olivinat

by Claws of death
in Wisconsin

Chapter 3-Mystery

       When we got home, we hooked up the zip line and I started to cook dinner of melted snickers on laughy taffy.

       “June! Come here! Look!” Roen yelled.

       I run to him. The once zombie packed ground under the tree fort was clear! 

        “What?” I asked in disbelieve. “How?”

        We climbed down the ladder to get a better look at the situating.

        “It looks like their gone?!” Max said climbing down in disbelieve

Chapter 4-Refound


We wondered where the zombies were so we went to find out why. When we were walking along, I said “We need a ride.” And everyone agreed so we started looking for one. We checked in every car shop and peeked in every garage. No luck all the cars destroyed or only parts survived. It took 1 hour but we {finally} we found {at the 300th house} a pick-up truck. I tried the engines it worked!

        “Yes!” I yelled.

        “Wait, does it have gas?” said Max

        I checked the gas

        “It’s full.” I replied

        “What do we call it?” said Nathen

        “Killer machine?”

        “Death monster?”

        “The Phantom?” I said

        “Yes that’s it!” Nathen triumphed

        “Def nut!” Max said

        “Wait I heard something.” I whispered

        The noise of shuffling zombie feet, lots of them was heard. I peeked out.

        “Guys! An army of zombies in neat orders is marching! Toward us!” I cried

        “What?” Max yells in disbelief

        I peeked out again.

        “And a huge, gray, red eyed, m-m-m-monster is controlling them!” I said

        Nathen peeked out.

         “I’d call it a U.E.O standing for Unidentified Evil Object” He said

        “That thing is controlling the zombie and making them march neatly ready to kill us and you’re talking about a name?!” Max erupts

        “Well when you put it that way, yes! We are! A good thing to talk about before you die don’t you agree?” Nathen replies looking thoughtful.

        “No! No! No! We are not going to die and No it is not a good thing to talk about!” Max yells glaring at him

         We grab our weapons.

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